How to become a #Tweetheart…

I’m a self-proclaimed Twitter addict.  Why? Some of my ‘best’ online friends have come from interactions on Twitter.  Although I realize there, at times, can be some snarky happenings out there, for the most part Twitterland is a place full of good neighbors.  To honor my neighbors, I’d like to help you start your week […]

Saving the farm

It sounds a bit more dramatic than what it truly means however, to prevent the past re-run we are in an all out effort to save the farm. Last spring and early summer we lost five ducks and at least nine chickens due to animal attacks. After a mink was hit on the road the […]


Our First Heat Related Fatality

Like much of the country, we’ve been under a heat advisory off and on for several weeks.  Yesterday, the heat index topped out at 108.    Around noon I drove the mower down to the sheds to check on water levels.  The chickens are panting and walking around with their wings open but everyone was alive […]

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The Taming of the Shrews

With just over 30 different species in the U.S., shrews can really be found anywhere but are not as common in the good ‘ol midwest where we are located. At least that’s what Woogle told me. I have a bone to pick with Woogle and his friends. Shrews are common, very common, in central Illinois. […]