Signs of Fall – Combines and tractors

The high temperatures outside have come to a screeching halt, we’ve gone from making double plays at the baseball diamond to defending the quarterback at the football field, school is well on it’s way and my grass is dormant. But one of the biggest signs of fall are my boys begging to ride in the […]

Renovation Plans Continue for The Magic Farmhouse’s Master bedroom

Assignment: Plan for Master bedroom renovation Progress: I’ve picked the wall colors…I think. LOL! I’m leaning towards a dark brown and khaki. Painting more than one wall in the dark brown might be a little much. If I have my way, that’s what will happen. For the floor: I’m dreaming of a deep mahogany wood […]

Chopping Silage

Free Range Straw

Do you know what that means? Ya, neither do I. However, there is this sign in a city about 40 miles from here that says “Free range straw for sale.” We have no idea what that really means but have jokingly said it means you go from field to field picking up leftover straw, not to […]

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How to become a #Tweetheart…

I’m a self-proclaimed Twitter addict.  Why? Some of my ‘best’ online friends have come from interactions on Twitter.  Although I realize there, at times, can be some snarky happenings out there, for the most part Twitterland is a place full of good neighbors.  To honor my neighbors, I’d like to help you start your week […]