The Orange Beauty

An Orange Beauty – Sweet Shot Tuesday

I’ve been absent the last couple of weeks from Darcy Milder’s Sweet Shot Tuesday photo challenge.  And, how I’ve missed it so!  I have the perfect photo to share.  This is a proud moment for me. For a few reasons. First, this photo is SOOC (straight out of the camera) – no editing what-so-ever.  I […]

Christmas Gift Ideas

So ready or not, we have entered into the annual Retail Rodeo to see who can finish their Christmas shopping first. Although I’m usually well on my way at this point, I just haven’t had the patience or motivation to brave the stores. The other day I did begin browsing online. I visited a site, […]

Crayola's Eco-Evolution (TM)

Thank you Crayola and Mystery Blog!!

In the beginning of August I entered into a contest for Crayola’s new crayons made with solar power & most importantly their markers made with recycled plastic.  I won!!  Here’s the kicker…The markers and crayons came directly from Crayola so I didn’t receive any additional information as to the blog name and I can’t remember […]

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Wordless Wednesdays

I’m going to try and start a few theme days…starting today, Wednesdays are Wordless Wednesdays.  I’ll post a picture.  Be creative and think of a title, then leave as a comment.