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Honey bees A day in my crazy life. The Great Midwestern Debate: Casserole VS Hot Dish Mom's Night Out Shelter Furnace

Around here we prefer to follow our own local groundhog, Gertie,  rather than the nation’s icon, Phil.  At 7:07am this morning, when Miss Gertie was released from her home she did not see her shadow. Which means PARTY! Here comes an early spring! Well, we hope! She has an 82% accuracy versus Phil’s 33%, so […]

Shelter Furnace

I’ve received a few questions recently in regards to our Shelter Outdoor Furnace, which we installed approximately two years ago – namely, would we do it again. As I read through my prior posts, I noticed we are due for a update. So here you go… Buzzwords of last winter: polar vortex and snow Last year was […]

A new playground for the kids, braces for Pickle, a mini-van or college expenses…our list of savings seems to grow on a daily basis. From a young age, Willis has always been a creative and innovative child. In fact, during Pickle’s pre-school Christmas program, Willis began drawing circles. At barely two years-old, we knew then […]