Chopping Silage

Free Range Straw

Do you know what that means? Ya, neither do I. However, there is this sign in a city about 40 miles from here that says “Free range straw for sale.” We have no idea what that really means but have jokingly said it means you go from field to field picking up leftover straw, not to […]

At what age do you allow your child to obtain a Facebook account?

My friend and fellow SITStah on, Becky of, sent out an interesting email yesterday concerning social media use among adolescents. My boys are still young enough that their social media use hasn’t been a large topic (still crossing my fingers that they’ll never grow up). With that said, I’ve been considering allowing our […]

The Boys of Fall

I LOVE Kenny Chesney’s new song “The Boys of Fall.”  It reminds me of times gone by at high school football games and now Pickle’s first year of JFL.  Football is one of many signatures of fall.  The title of Kenny’s song reminds me of other boys of fall.  Last year, I had a lovely […]

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Ever wondered how milk gets from the cow to your refrigerator?

I just sat down to eat breakfast…finally. I was beginning to wonder if I would pass out before reaching my bowl of high-fiber raisin bran with lots of good, wholesome milk. Have you ever sat down at the table and wondered what that milk goes through to reach your table? As I began to eating […]