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The next renovation at The Magic FarmHouse…Master Bedroom

It’s been a year since we finished our latest renovation in The Magic FarmHouse – the older boy’s bedroom. A common theme in most of our renovations has been eliminating carpeting and replacing with the best laminate flooring available, within our budget. We’ve done this for a couple of reasons. It has increased the home’s […]

A Revolving Door

If I could describe the last two weeks I would start by saying it’s been a roller coaster revolving door.  Almost two weeks ago Miss Terry and Lona left us and are now living happily on another Jersey farm in northwest Iowa.  My father-in-law decided that although they both have great potential as ‘milk cows,’ […]

The Shelter Outdoor Furnace – A Year Later

Its been roughly 11 months since we took a leap of faith by purchasing the Shelter Outdoor Furnace. If you remember from my first Shelter post, there was no information being circulated about the furnaces. When viewing the big picture, the potential benefits outweighed the cons. Reviewing the last year would make for a long […]

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Pickle showing his heifer in 2011 at the Illinois State Fair.

The Legacy of a Farm

I think this might be the post I’ve been trying to write for the last 14 months. In February 2013, my in-laws made the very, difficult decision to sell all of their registered Jersey cows in exchange for a much, less labor intensive lifestyle. While they are certainly worthy of an enjoyable and well-earned retirement […]