Going Dutch!

Last week I reviewed the Cub Scout Camp out we hosted at The Magic Farmhouse.  I’m going to continue with that topic today focusing on our morning activities. Once they were awake the boys immediately, with a capital ‘E’, ran back to the maze.  I didn’t know it could be such a hit.  While the […]

Eleven Days of Tribute: (Day 11) Why have we forgotten?

Unfortunately, due to un-relentless stomach illnesses with two of my boys, I was unable to fill my personal goal of writing 11 days straight in honor of those who lost their lives 10 years ago today during the attack on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, the fourth plane who’s lives were sacrificed and for […]

Monday’s Magical Top Ten #Tweethearts

Welcome to this week’s rendition of Top Ten #Tweethearts!  For more information about how to become a #tweetheart and be featured check out my link in the top right-hand corner. And now…. Drum roll, please…. #1: @Momvantage is our first #Tweetheart this week.  She caught my eye when she tweeted about the newest post on […]

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Our First Heat Related Fatality

Like much of the country, we’ve been under a heat advisory off and on for several weeks.  Yesterday, the heat index topped out at 108.    Around noon I drove the mower down to the sheds to check on water levels.  The chickens are panting and walking around with their wings open but everyone was alive […]