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I heard about this new service from that helps when you have writers block.  Although, I do have things to write about I thought I’d give it a whirl.  They give you a question and you answer.  My question is in the title of the post… Conflicted And, never did I think I’d open up […]


Earlier this week Pickle and Willis had sore throats with tonsils so large I couldn’t see the back of their mouths.  They each stayed home two days.  Fortunately, Tuesday was the only day they were both home.  I was just waiting for blood or a broken bone.  There were Legos flying everywhere, train tracks being […]

Willis' my precious middle child.  I haven't mentioned that he's now lost 6 teeth before entering Kindergarten.  Toothless Twitty...doesn't help an existing lisp.  Don't worry we've consulted with the dentist.

I’ve mentioned before that our middle son, Willis, suffers from a severe case of Middle Child Syndrome.  One antidote we find useful is giving him a structure atmosphere.  When we told his teacher that a part of his Interruptedpolyoso (symptom of MCS defined as interrupting others at random) could be attributed to being a middle […]