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Welcome to The Magic FarmHouse! As your read our family farm blog, I hope you find yourself laughing at my expense, pick up some recipe ideas and learn a little about the food farmers and ranchers produce for you.
College majors that have been mistakenly deemed useless

While reading an article on Yahoo!, my Agvocay (support of agriculture) enthusiasm was recharged. One of the largest tasks Agvocates work to conquer is misunderstandings.  The article entitled “College Majors that are useless,”  by Terence Loose, included Agriculture, Horticulture and Animal Science.  Normally, I would comment on the article or contact the author directly. In […]

Wordless Wednesdays

I’m going to try and start a few theme days…starting today, Wednesdays are Wordless Wednesdays.  I’ll post a picture.  Be creative and think of a title, then leave as a comment.

What’s the real buzz?

A few summers ago, the wooded subdivision where I grew up was hit by straight-line winds. The storm changed the landscape I had grown to know and love. Most were majestic oaks and hickories who’s trunks spoke with maturity and grandness. Seeing the trees was truly a sad sight. As we began the clean-up, crews […]