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Top Ten Tweethearts

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to this week’s edition of the Top Ten #Tweethearts! Want more info about #Tweethearts and how you can be featured? For the who, what, where & when go to the Monday’s Magical Top Ten #Tweetheart page. Now onto our featured #Tweethearts! #1 on this week’s Top Ten #Tweethearts list is @literalmom aka […]

For central Illinois, the weather we’ve experienced this past spring, I mean winter and summer, uh, wait, that should be spring has been   incredible!! The forecast for yesterday, April 1st, had been a high of 90…no fooling. We only reached 86 but still…eighty-six degrees on April the 1st??!! That is just nuts! But I […]


One of my greatest fears in life is losing my husband or children. I can not fathom what this must be like for a mother. Especially at this time of the year. In the last seven years, I’ve been honored to assist a dear friend as she helps others grieve. Having experienced the loss of […]