Welcome to The Magic FarmHouse! As your read our family farm blog, I hope you find yourself laughing at my expense, pick up some recipe ideas and learn a little about the food farmers and ranchers produce for you.
Our little hunter in training, playing 'deer hunting.' If you ask him if he's hunting he replies by saying "Me not old enough yet." So precious!

When compared to his brothers, Pudder’s first hunting trip is way over due. Pickle went on his first trip at six months and Willis jumped into the camper at 3 1/2 WEEKS old. Mr. Pudder, the world’s largest mama’s boy, will soon be three-years-old. I have mixed emotions. When we daddy asked if he wanted to […]

Have you ever had squirrel pie?

In general, we spend Thanksgiving Day with family at my grandparents’ home. My grandfather is extremely traditional and thus our holidays are also traditional and predictable. We really should be listed in Webster’s as an example for traditional. Each Thanksgiving, we are served the exact same dishes year, after year and that’s the way most […]

Nikki is the perfect farm dog! Always willing to give me a paw.

I love the outdoors!  Each year I have the best of intentions.  Really.  I start out strong and by the end of the season I’m anything but a green thumb.  I say this each year but this is the year I plan to succeed. (hmmm, didn’t I say that about my deer hunting season?) I […]