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You Might Be a Pregnant Farmer If...
This is where the spring break adventure began...

Many schools are currently on spring break but sadly our spring break was last week.  The week started out beautiful and in a fabulous spring like fashion.  I must have missed it in the news but after the second day we were swept up in a time capsule and sent flying back to winter.  UH, […]

I’m a self-proclaimed Twitter addict.  Why? Some of my ‘best’ online friends have come from interactions on Twitter.  Although I realize there, at times, can be some snarky happenings out there, for the most part Twitterland is a place full of good neighbors.  To honor my neighbors, I’d like to help you start your week […]


Content by Sol Rosales When I was very young, my house was broken into. Luckily we think it was just a couple of neighborhood kids, and the worst thing they took was a video game system and some video games. Those are obviously easily replaceable. However, the incident spooked my mom a little bit. She […]