Christmas In the Country Gift Exchange - John Deere Keychain -

Christmas In the Country Gift Exchange

I’m so excited to have been a part of the Christmas In the Country Gift Exchange this year. I had a blast putting together my package which was sent out to the Northwest to Darleen of The Farmer’s Daughter. It included a homemade tea ring, a Christmas CD from Mr. Blake Shelton, some canned pumpkin […]


Spooky Spider Cake…overcoming my fear of spiders?

All three of our boys have birthdays near one another.  This has it’s pros and cons.  Do you have two friend parties?  Two family parties?  Do you do it all together?  Separate?  Last year for Pickle & Willis’ we decided to have a joint family birthday party.  Willis had yet to establish a group of […]

Misunderstandings about antibiotics in milk make it #WorththeFight

If you follow or have tried to follow The Magic FarmHouse recently you know that I’ve been in a blogging slump. Thanks to Carrie Mess, aka Dairy Carrie and Cody Canada and The Departed, I’ve been pulled out of that slump. Carrie organized a remarkable event which took place yesterday. The event was called #WorthTheFight […]

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4-H Project Demonstration…Camping Adventures

The other night Pickle attended his December 4-H meeting and his presented his second demonstration. Compared to last year’s demonstration where he dropped all of his notecards (and began reading them out of order) he did an outstanding job! Realizing the money and recognition he can receive through the 4-H program, he’s upped his project numbers. One […]