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Welcome to The Magic FarmHouse! As your read our family farm blog, I hope you find yourself laughing at my expense, pick up some recipe ideas and learn a little about the food farmers and ranchers produce for you.

As a work-at-home mom, I tend to go through periods of wearing mis-matched lounge pants and sweatshirts. Not real attractive…especially when we have an egg customer stop by out of the blue. I can think of only one ‘pajama set’ that has been worn to pieces. But NOW I have a new, matching full-set. And, […]

Author: Joseph Sandoval I was at work today and it was one of those days that was absolutely terrible. It was one of the days where I was assigned an organizational task. My boss gets the organizational bug about once every season. It is usually me who get stuck with doing all of the jobs. […]

Mini-chef Schweigert’s Pumpkin Bars

While my passion, or lack thereof, for cooking and baking struggles, one of my husband’s mini-me’s has stepped up to the plate. Normally I would suggest he was filling my void. In this case, he isn’t making up for mom’s lack of kitchen enthusiasm, he genuinely enjoys creating dishes – salsa/mexican dips, cheese churd apps, […]