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I’m a proud mama who has been waiting anxiously to publish this post for a while now.  The entire post has been written and re-written in my head several times.  However, the final proof isn’t anything like what I envisioned.  Last week was Pickle’s first 4-H demonstration.  His projects for his first year in 4-H […]

In the clouds

Flying above the clouds, with my earbuds smashed into my ears, I had some quiet time to reflect. Like many of you, reflections of my husband, boys, farm, work and more crossed my mind. And, somewhere over those big fluffy marshmallows I began thinking about my blog. As you might have read, in recent months, […]

The mudroom needs help. Design, function, storage and more.

One of my biggest challenges as a WAHM is the laundry.  Not just the clothes left in our mudroom but also getting the clean clothes folded. I’m constantly trying new techniques and ideas to help make the process more efficient and less painful. And, I’m back at it again and looking for help. Sneak Peak […]