Misunderstandings about antibiotics in milk make it #WorththeFight

If you follow or have tried to follow The Magic FarmHouse recently you know that I’ve been in a blogging slump. Thanks to Carrie Mess, aka Dairy Carrie and Cody Canada and The Departed, I’ve been pulled out of that slump. Carrie organized a remarkable event which took place yesterday. The event was called #WorthTheFight […]

Sheep shearing can be back breaking work. www.TheMagicFarmHouse.com

Ridem’ Sheepgirl?

True story. As an animal science major in college, one of the required courses involved a skills class where you learned animal husbandry, hands-on. On this particular day, we were learning about shearing the wool from sheep. If you are not familiar with working with sheep, its important to know that as herding animals they have […]

Does this cake have any peanuts?

We all were told time and time again to watch our pronunciation and to be sure and enunciate our sounds correctly.  I have learned that this is very important, especially when you have a child who tends to miss his ‘T’s’ and has a peanut allergy. Why you ask? Let me tell you a little […]

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Eleven Days of Tribute: (Day 11) Why have we forgotten?

Unfortunately, due to un-relentless stomach illnesses with two of my boys, I was unable to fill my personal goal of writing 11 days straight in honor of those who lost their lives 10 years ago today during the attack on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, the fourth plane who’s lives were sacrificed and for […]