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Two out of Three Kids Agree!!

I’m so proud right now!!  For years and years and years I’ve tried growing green beans and peas.   Every year they would undoubtedly fail but try, try again I did!  This year my green beans took off & I have a crop!  At first I thought I’d only get a few and that was enough […]

Free Range Straw

Do you know what that means? Ya, neither do I. However, there is this sign in a city about 40 miles from here that says “Free range straw for sale.” We have no idea what that really means but have jokingly said it means you go from field to field picking up leftover straw, not to […]

We still have a few strings left to tie off on our latest renovation of The Magic Farmhouse.  So my creative flow headed towards the computer where I’m trying out different themes for our blog.  I’m still not convinced that I’ve found the right one so check back often to see the renovations to The […]