Spooky Spider Cake…overcoming my fear of spiders?

All three of our boys have birthdays near one another.  This has it’s pros and cons.  Do you have two friend parties?  Two family parties?  Do you do it all together?  Separate?  Last year for Pickle & Willis’ we decided to have a joint family birthday party.  Willis had yet to establish a group of […]

We’re Doing the Potty Dance!!!!

Pudder was running around in his birthday suit yesterday – absolutely refused to keep a diaper on his little behind.  I was tired, it was hot and so I let him have some ‘air time.’  This went on for about 30 min. when he stopped, said “go peepee,” walked out the front door, down the […]

Our Little Pooper Scoopers!

Reality Strikes

For the benefit of my kids I try to keep track of the day and date.  Usually the day of the week more than the date.  The weekend is when Daddy is home so the days of the week are important. Today reality hit like a lightening bolt.  This is the last week at home […]

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Christmas Gift Idea – Give the Grind!!

While Jack, our Elf on the Shelf, continues to be up to something, I continue with my Christmas gift idea search… If you follow me on Twitter then you know that I LOVE coffee!! And, especially enjoy trying new brews mixed with half-in-half and flavored creamers. I’ve never really considered purchasing coffee from a virtual […]