Ashes to ashes…Spinach to spinach?

Earlier this week Pickle and Willis had sore throats with tonsils so large I couldn’t see the back of their mouths.  They each stayed home two days.  Fortunately, Tuesday was the only day they were both home.  I was just waiting for blood or a broken bone.  There were Legos flying everywhere, train tracks being used as bats, bare hands trying to pull out hair and I even had a serial bitter on the loose.

It was an urgent situation that I needed to get under control before someone got seriously hurt.  There was a light mist outside so we stayed on the front porch working on a plan for the garden.  At the time the rain had us days from being able to till so putting anything in the ground was out of the question.  I recently ran across a post about encouraging container gardens.  So I ran in and grabbed a plastic spinach container that was in the recycling pile.  We filled it with soil and planted two rows of spinach seeds.

Snug as bugs!

I think I’m pretty cool for thinking of doing this…everyone else…they are males and don’t care.  So we went from spinach to spinach…I hope!

We’ll have to wait for our sprouts to peek thru!

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