Little House on the Prairie and Big Bird

Many schools are currently on spring break but sadly our spring break was last week.  The week started out beautiful and in a fabulous spring like fashion.  I must have missed it in the news but after the second day we were swept up in a time capsule and sent flying back to winter.  UH, HURTFUL! (sorry I’ve been watching too much Disney channel)

During the short glimpse of warm weather I found myself living vicariously through my children.  I grew up in a rural subdivision hidden in the woods.  Most days were spent building forts, hiking thru the timber and playing in the small stream down the hill from my house.  It’s a pleasure to see my kids grow up in a similar situation.  Although we are no doubt in the country, we are in a cluster of homes which were all owned by one family. If you are a frequent reader here at The Magic FarmHouse you know that we truly have the best of both worlds.  We can have our farm and neighbors too.  There are nine kids total with an additional two who often come stay with their grandparents.  It makes for some fun times….especially last week.

I’ve long thought a particular tree located along our fence row was made a foundation for the ultimate fort.  Until last week no one else seemed to appreciate my vision.  The kids did take notice to a couple of dead trees my hubby had dragged near the fence row.  Before I knew it the kids had saws and were cutting and building a wall around my “favorite” tree.

This is where the spring break adventure began...

The first day they ransacked our houses gathering hotdogs, buns, marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers.  Then they built a small fire pit.  It was great!  They fed and cleaned up after themselves AND the dead trees were all but gone.  I was ready to pitch the tent and let them live out there all week.  Alas, one of the little boys pointed out the coyote problem and my plan was flawed.  Doink!

At least they came back for a second day and cooked us supper.  I was really diggin’ spring until the snow returned.  Luckily just flurries but our outside fun was over.  My family room quickly transformed into a wrestling ring and a trip to the ER was becoming a possibility.  I dug into my Plan B bag and decided a trip to Barnes and Noble was in order.  It would be perfect. I could sit back relax with a Cafe’ Mocha and a blissful photography book.  The kids would contentedly play with the Thomas the Train table and curl up with some new books.

I tried to get settled into my chair when Pickle came up to me and said, “Mom, it’s just not as fun as it used to be. I think I’ve out grown Thomas. I think I’m gonna check out The Magic TreeHouse books” Waaaa!  I wanted to cry.  Moving passed this epic moment in time, I settled back into my chair.  Then Big Bird butted his big beak into my delightful trip.  I’m not sure how it started but I glanced up to see Pudder rolling around on the floor, fighting over a Big Bird doll.  My face had to be redder than fresh paint on a barn.  No, not because he was fighting with another boy.  Because he was attacking a child who had Downes Syndrome.  I wanted to crawl, hide and pretend I didn’t know my own child.  As I apologized profusely to the other mother Pudder’s eye caught the Elmo dolls and the fighting ceased.  Needless to say, we picked out our books and headed home.  Oh, how I wished it was still warm outside.

Even though the taste of spring lasted a couple of days, the adventure brought back so many great memories.  The kids even listened as I told stories of various famous forts.  I’m anxious for spring to return so the kids can start a new game of Little House on the Prairie.

Back in adultland…my strawberry plants are due to arrive any day and let me tell you I’m a bit nervous.  We are still hitting lows just around the freezing point.  We planted our tomato seeds tonight and should be doing the peppers soon.  Still looking for a good resource person who can advise me on growing herbs..hello? hello? Anyone there?

Have a great Friday!!

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