Purple Thumb Gardener

I love the outdoors!  Each year I have the best of intentions.  Really.  I start out strong and by the end of the season I’m anything but a green thumb.  I say this each year but this is the year I plan to succeed. (hmmm, didn’t I say that about my deer hunting season?)

I hit the road running and began planning my gardening efforts back in February.  So far I’ve actually accomplished more than ever.  My hubby planted the tomatoes I ordered and they are growing nicely.  He was working so much and spending much of his time working our fields that I thought I’d try planting the peppers.  I went with jalepenoes, sweet banana peppers and a variety of what I believe will be a bell pepper.  This past weekend I was really starting to become discouraged but finally this morning I saw the first sprouts!  With the unusual weather we’ve been experiencing it’s best to leave the maters inside.

Maters and Peeps

About two and a half weeks ago my hubby & I were able to put the 25 strawberry plants in the ground.  Last week my blueberry bush and grape vine arrived.  Our overnight temps are still dropping into the 30’s on some nights so I was a bit leary about planting.  I followed the directions and soaked the grape vine in water while I waited for a heat wave.  The wave arrived! The plants are looking good…so far!

After the roots were soaked the vine was ready to plant. A few feet away I planted the Ka-bluerry bush.

Nikki is the perfect farm dog! Always willing to give me a paw.

My only disappointment has been the apple trees.  I ordered a Honey Crisp variety in February. Unfortunately, they were out of stock and unable to get anymore.  I’m currently debating on purchasing another variety from Gurney or checking out some local green houses.

It’s so rewarding to know you can provide your family with healthy, pesticide (for the most part) free fruits and veggies.

This past weekend my hubby was able to work the ground for his food plot to attract the deer.  I’ll be anxious to see how many photo opportunities I’ll have during the season.  Then tonight Pickle and hubs worked the ground with his hand-made tool.  They then planted the corn by hand which was a huge task considering they are planting almost an entire acre in corn.  I’ll have to post a couple of pics tomorrow.

In year’s past I’ve dubbed myself a purple thumb but this year I’m working real hard to earn the coveted green thumb title. After a little research I’ve also picked up some tips we are anxious to try.  I’m also ready to get my herb garden going.  If only I knew the temps would stay at a safe level.

Wish me luck!



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