Summer Fever

What a wonderful day we had today! I think the high was around 83 beautiful degrees.  I was actually trying to find things to do to keep me outside.  God knows there was/is plenty to do inside.  It was very productive outside.  I began by moving some manure around, preparing it for nutrient rich fertilizer for our fields and garden.  Next, I did a ‘patrol sweep’ through the pasture.  My search was for remaining shingles following the late fall tornado/straight line winds which hit our home.  I also check the fencing for weeds which were touching the hot wire.  Due to the high coyote populations, it’s very important that the wire is working.  Our operation is a bit different than some in that we have a hot wire at the top of the fence and at the bottom where a sneaky coyote could slip into the pasture.  Safety of our animals is a high priority.

Later in the afternoon my hubby worked to mulch the muddy areas down around the sheds to prevent the steers from twisting a leg.  Generally, both of our steers are friendly and would prefer to remain in the pasture.  Today, one must have had a bit of Summer Fever.  When Mr. Sneaky Steer realized my hubby was driving the mulch in wagon by wagon, he say an opportunity. Exhausted from my morning accomplishments, I was resting on the couch.  I just happened to open my eyes to see the steer run by the family room windows.  I must put a plug in for the FlyLady…even though I was resting I still had on my house shoes, a habit the FlyLady taught me a couple of years ago.

This may have saved our steer because I didn’t have to stop, put shoes on and tie them.  I took off running and was able to circle him, forcing him to run about 200 yards, straight back into the pasture.  I’m sure it was the glare I gave him…it spoke to him, telling him who was boss! Ha!

Anyway, he had his little bucking and fun run.  And, I was rejuveanated and ready to start working again.

Garden Update:

Currently we have planted:

  • Three types of tomatoes
  • Three types of peppers
  • 25 Strawberry plants
  • 1 Grape vine
  • 1 Blueberry bush

Tomorrow I hope to begin work on my herb garden…I will be reusing an old metal feed bowl for the pot.  Also, watch for my post about dandelions…very interesting!!

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