We’re Doing the Potty Dance!!!!

Pudder was running around in his birthday suit yesterday – absolutely refused to keep a diaper on his little behind.  I was tired, it was hot and so I let him have some ‘air time.’  This went on for about 30 min. when he stopped, said “go peepee,” walked out the front door, down the porch steps, to the edge of the concrete and watered the grass!  We were cutting the rug…or grass in this case!  After almost 8 years of diapers I could dance all day!

Then as we were getting ready for his bath he again said he needed to “go peepee!”  He walked over to his training potty and gave it his best effort but not much success.  He won’t sit down on it…a problem we’ve had since I first brought the potty out about two months ago.  I suggested using the ‘big boy’ potty and he loved the idea.  He pulled a stool up to the stool (ha, ha, that made me laugh) and away he went.  Our second score!!

I’ve been wanting to write a more in depth post in regards to our potty training experiences.  Each boy has been different allowing for experimentation with several different techniques.  However, since I’m about to fall asleep on Mr. MacDaddy, I’ll just tell you we are doing our Potty Dance and I’ll elaborate later this week.

As promised I do have a great post for tomorrow…don’t mow until you read it!  I mean it!

‘Till tomorrow….

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