Adventures on Mt. Washmore-The Nuts & Bolts

One of my biggest challenges as a WAHM is the laundry.  Not just the clothes left in our mudroom but also getting the clean clothes folded. I’m constantly trying new techniques and ideas to help make the process more efficient and less painful. And, I’m back at it again and looking for help.

Sneak Peak

Here’s a little ‘peak’ of our laundry area a.k.a “The Mudroom”…yes, I’m airing our dirty laundry!

This is a fairly conservative amount of dirty laundry...Mt. Washmore grows fast!
This drives me just plain CRAZY!??! when everyone throws their clothes onto my sorted piles! So frustrating!  I also tend to find the boys leaving clothes in front of the door and or washer. 


Due to the small size of our mudroom it was necessary to stack the machines. I was hesitant at first but it’s worked out much better than I expected. We still struggle with the shelving areas…there is plenty of shelving but its not easily accessible so it tends to be disorganized or an area which doesn’t get used because the shelves are so high.

Design Ideas?

The mudroom is one of those rooms that is “in progress”. Eventually I would like to create a homey, antique atmosphere. The walls currently have my absolute favorite seed bags hanging on the wall and a seed. Both the bags and sign are from Funk’s Seed and Funk’s G, a company where I began my first job at the young age of 12. Today, Funk’s is part of the history behind Syngenta. We also have a 5 ft. long coat hanger which is multi-purpose. It serves as a place to hang chore clothes including winter coats, sweatshirts, pants, overalls, and coveralls. The mudroom lacks proper insulation, heating and cooling.  There is also this huge *AWKWARD* window which is almost the same width as the coat hanger and approximately four feet tall.  So while they hang, all of the chore clothes double as extra insulation.  Brilliant on my part, of course.
The coat hanger also houses used plastic grocery sacks, soft coolers and reusable grocery sacks (it would be great if I could remember to take my reusable sacks to the store…anyone else have this problem?  Just me, huh?) and you might find a few misc. items too.
So in a nutshell, this concludes the tour of our mudroom as of today. :0)  

In all seriousness, I do need ideas for the storage shelving, design and working around that crazy window. So, here is where you come in….

What are your favorite blog posts, tutorials or Pinterest boards which can be my go-to resources?

Please share in the comments!


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