Comparing garage sales to social media: The conclusion is a messy yard

Garage sale season has officially begun around our area. This past weekend was our town wide sale. Somewhat like social media, at garage sales you have your lurkers – those who want to see what you have or want to check out your house, stalkers – generally the gossipers around town who only stop by for some dish, lookers – the people who are genuinely looking for things to buy and friends who stop by to see how you’ve been doing.

The lurkers I tolerate because sometimes they do find things and many times they are older people just looking for some company. The stalkers I could do without. You know they are just diggin’ for information that they’ll tell someone who will tell someone else who will tell your cousin. There are times that I want to fill them up with a bunch of bull & send them on their way. Don’t get me wrong, I love living in rural America but sometimes the gossiping can be a bit of a draw back. On the flip side, when someone needs help we are all there to support one another…even those pesky gossipers. Then there are your true friends. I love when friends stop by to say hi during a garage sale. Especially this year since it’s been so cold out and we’ve all been stuck inside. The highlight this year it was when a couple of lurkers stopped by. I’d almost say that we hit the jackpot.

It was during a lull in traffic when a couple drove up in their red cross-over. I recognized the vehicle and license plate but have never met them. After looking through the garage the woman stepped outside and said “Oh, this place brings back so many memories.” Hungry for information I jumped on her comment and asked if she had lived here. She had not but had spent much of her childhood her.  She is the niece of a man who owned the property back in the 1950’s and 60’s. We chatted a bit about all of the renovations that have been done in the last 10 years. She pointed out where an old barn use to sit and where they kept the horses.

Finally, she got really excited and said “The cellar! Do you store your canning in the cellar? It was such a fun place to hide out.” Confused I said I only knew about the well which could be mistaken for a cellar. Not a suitable place to store your canning. She led me to the back of the house and started trying to place the location. Then it hit me. Every year we have a patch of grass that turns brown by mid-summer. The patch stands out because it’s a perfect square. We’ve always just assumed it was an old septic tank but had never looked into it further. Before I said anything she led me to that exact spot. I was soooo excited! A cellar, a safe place to hide from tornadoes, a storage area for my canning…the possibilities were running wild.

Before the visit ended I learned a great deal of history about The Magic FarmHouse – for instance, when we purchased the home we were told that there had been five additions to the house but she believed that there were only three.  The original structure was built during the 1880’s so there’s still a large portion of time we can’t account.  I’m considering adding this to our summer to-do list.  As we concluded our talk she mentioned she would try to find an old photo from the 50’s.  That was exciting and I do hope she’s able to find it.

More exciting was the possibility of a cellar.  I realized a garden expansion could be in order.  Fortunately, I wasn’t the only curious person.  On Sunday, my dear hubby was working ground.  He became side-tracked as he thought about the cellar.  Before I knew it the ground over the square was cleared and concrete was revealed.

It was so exciting!  We determined there were some areas that sounded hollow so the BobCat dug right in to the concrete.


At first we could only see dirt but kept digging….

After removing all of the concrete disappointment set in…it seems that the “cellar” was actually an old concrete pad that probably housed a shed.  There was an absence of concrete walls so we were pretty sure it had never been a cellar.  My hubby asked if he should just start digging around the yard….

ummm, no.  Now we just have a pile of concrete…the kids seem to love to climb all over it…to me it’s an eye sore.  Now that we’ve had several inches of rain since Friday night there’s not much we can do with it.  So until things dry up I guess it’s staying put.

Concrete anyone??  You can have it for free…IF you haul it away! LOL!  Such is life!  I had to include this last pic because it just makes me smile…

Such a silly goose!

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