Coloring outside the lines – my self discovery about niches.

Go crazy with your crayons! I won't tell!

Thanks to the SITS girls & Momcomm, I have gone back to school and am learning a ton!!  It’s a two week class called “Think Like a Marketer.”  At first I was reluctant to add anything more to my hectic life (especially since I’m still not 100% following my latest Crohn’s/UC flare-up) so I signed up really fast before I had time to think about what I was doing.  I am soooo glad I let my first gut reaction take over.  In just a short 36 hrs., I’ve learned a lot about my blog as well as myself.

I was drawn to the post on SITS because one of the topics discussed in the class would be niche blogging.  For sometime now I’ve been struggling to find my niche.  I thought that this class would help me accomplish this task.  See, in many ways I’ve always been one to color outside of the lines.  I now have affirmation that what I’ve been feeling is not wrong.  Just as what all of the experts on blogging suggest isn’t always true.  Of course, there are many, many successful niche bloggers.  Coupon clipping bloggers, baking bloggers, marketing bloggers, scrap booking bloggers, photography bloggers, crafting bloggers, farming bloggers…I could go on and on.

The problem for me is that I could fit into any one of these categories and eventually I would have been very unhappy having classified myself into writing about only one topic.  Even though I’ve found myself through an extra-credit reading assignment (ok, maybe I wasn’t coloring outside the lines on this one) it was well worth it.

The assignment was to read a post from the blog Tree, root, and twig, entitled ‘How to blog without a niche.’  (I’ve include a direct link to the homepage because I think it’s a fantastic site…the niche post can be found in the middle of her home page on the left-hand side.)  I was intrigued by the title of the post because again, for several reasons, I’ve been under the presumption that I HAD to have a niche.  As I read, I’m certain my face was glowing with a smile ear to ear.  Certain I tell you!  A small part of me felt like screaming to the world, “I told you so!!”  Well, I guess it would be more like “I thought you so!!,” since I haven’t really shared my thoughts and opinion on the matter.  It would be so taboo to do so.  Right?  Wrong.  I’m glad Stacey made somewhat of a stand on the topic.  I do wish I would have had the confidence to stop listening and start voicing my own opinion.

So what did I learn from her post?  Simple.  I am my own niche.  That’s right.  Everything about me…I can be a coupon clipping blogger, baking blogger, marketing blogger, scrap booking blogger, photography blogger, crafting blogger, farming blogger…gardening blogger, parenting blogger, food allergy blogger, Crohn’s/UC blogger, and on…

The most important thing I want to express to any other bloggers who don’t feel that they can find a niche or shouldn’t have to find a niche is to COLOR OUTSIDE THE LINES!  It is ok.  Just as it is OK to have a niche.  So many of my very favorite bloggers are hugely successful and super resources such (photography), Tatum Tales (scrap booking), The Spotted Cow Review (farming), The Survival Mama (excellent resource for preparing your family for disasters), and The Lettered Cottage (interior designing on a dime), to name a few.

Just be yourself.  You know yourself better than anyone else.  Write about what you want to write about and what makes sense to you.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, where’s my bright, turquoise crayon…BOYS!?!!!???!!!

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