My Reflection of Something: Edit Me Challenge #2

This is the second week of a photography editing challenge being hosted over at My Reflection of Something.  Here is how it works…a guest judge provides a photo.  Participants use their choice of photo editing software and are given real rein at editing.  Although I participated in the editing last week, I did not submit my final product.  This week however, I’ve decided to be a show-off and throw it into the running.  This week’s photo comes from Misty at Through a Photographer’s Eyes.  Here is the before:


And after….


My Reflection of Something: Edit Me Challenge Week #2

Using a beautiful picture which brings honor to the old west, I began by choosing a focal point for my edited version.  I decided on the wagon wheel.  After cropping the photo down, brought in a photo of prairie grass.  I then layered the wagon wheel image over the grass and then decreased the opacity of the wheel. I then used a map to create a textured frame which supports the darker colors found in the wood of the wheel. Finally, I applied a gradient, embossed text to a portion of my tagline, “Love More.” and added it to the bottom. This was so much fun! I can not wait until next week’s challenge!

Also this week, you can also check out our entry at’s Sweet Shot Tuesday.  I say “our” because the photo was picked by Willis who also helped with the editing.  It made for a great project to start the summer out on the right foot.

Speaking of challenges….I’ve come up with my own challenge for you.  Yes, YOU!  Your Laugh Challenge for the day is to laugh 10 times AND make 5 other people laugh!!  Then come back and share your laughing experiences!

Good luck to all of the other My Reflection of Something Edit Challenge participants!!  Happy Friday!


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