Summer Academic Project #1

I’ve mentioned before that our middle son, Willis, suffers from a severe case of Middle Child Syndrome.  One antidote we find useful is giving him a structure atmosphere.  When we told his teacher that a part of his Interruptedpolyoso (symptom of MCS defined as interrupting others at random) could be attributed to being a middle child, we also asked if she had any suggestions.  She replied by saying, “Yay, umm, I suffer from that too, let’s

Forgive the photos..taken with my phone. Here's a small example of the flowers.

look as some of his drawings.”  Dead serious…I thought I was going to pee my pants from laughing.  She is an awesome Pre-K teacher & we are going to miss her sooooooo very much!!!

As “Mother of the Year,” I’m so on top of a rockin’ schedule for Willis to follow….NOT!!  See, I have a problem too.  I’m suffering from Tweetermediaemic.  It’s a new disease that’s becoming very common.  You might want to check and see if you have it.  Maybe you could help me and be part of my support group?? You will great!!! Ok, here it goes…(we need to do introductions you know)

My name is Jenny, and I, uh, gulp, I’m addicted to Twitter and well…social media as a whole.  There I said it. The first step to recognizing you have a problem is accepting it right?

Seriously though, I do seem to have a problem with Twitter and Twitter parties, participating in contests, replying to Blog Hops, etc…  It’s taking precious time away from my family and I feel like I’ve become very disconnected.  Not good now that school is out for Willis and Pickle has two days left….well, and then when the district spends who knows how much fuel to drive my kid to school for 45 min. and then drive him back. That’s a whole other issue.

I’ve been up since 4am.  Here were my goals for the day at that time:

  • Plant flowers
  • Plant at least two things in garden
  • Work for 1 hour
  • Make a summer schedule including fun projects for the kids
  • Make my grocery list, menu and go shopping.
  • Spend 15 min. cleaning the dining room
  • Organize paper piles (I’m a highly trained and experienced pilot, did I forget to tell you that? I pile it here, and there and even over there)
  • Fold all of the laundry on Mt. Washmore

Mt. Washmore at it's best!!

I’m pathetic…in my defense I’ve spent a large portion of the time trying to figure out Photoshop Elements 5…much different than Photoshop CS5. (I recently switched from Windows to a Mac requiring new software).  I also got distracted and washed my kitchen floor by hand AND cleared off our Hotspot (the little cabinet where the mail and well, everything gets dropped when you come in the door).  Oh, and then Pudder decided to let the new rabbit – I’ll fill you in on that later – loose in the front yard.  She loves running around under the porch.  We also did a little potty training in the front yard…great benefit to living in the country.  Then there were two trips per kid to clean off new sand from the sandbox…reminds me I need to go sweep off the front porch.

There was another little distraction too that may or may not have taken up a some time….Sweet Shot Tuesday over at My3Barians!  BUT I had this amazing brainstorm and included Willis in the project.  He’s our artsy child.  He chose the pic and we played around with photoshop so he could see the different textures and affects. It was a ton of fun and I loved watching his face light up when the photo changed.  I will have to remember to incorporate Photoshop into more summer projects.  Here is our finished product:

Willis' first project using Photoshop Elements

Anyway, I’m calling it Summer Academic Project #1 and markin’ it off my summer project list!  Oh, wait, I haven’t made that list yet. Bummer…maybe there’s an app at the App store for….

Happy Tuesday!  And, hey, thanks for listening.  You’re the best!  Don’t miss my other Tuesday post about the Tuesday Train.


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