Tuesday Train – The Survival Mama

Jump Aboard!!!

Not only am I linking up with this week’s Tuesday Train, I am featuring the hostess of The Tuesday Train, The Survival Mama.

As the assistant to the Emergency Management Volunteer Coordinator for Herriman City, an awarding winning insurance producer, and a published YA author, Jen Greyson provides useful and important preparedness information.  Unique to the topic of “Preparedness” she goes well beyond the normal day to day preparation for natural disasters and educates readers about growing your own food (even year round) to using a Rainwater Harvester and alternative ways to dispose of waste.

She strongly believes in equipping  mothers, moms, mums, mamas, and mommas with the tools we need to survive anything.  Anything.  Like she said it’s likely we will be the ones who will handle it all.  I encourage you to stop by her blog, grab a cup of coffee and sit a spell while you learn how to be prepared in a witty type of format.

Have a terrific Tuesday & don’t forget to smile!!!!

(even if it kills you!! Smile or your grounded!!)

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