Bloggers for Joplin Success!

Last month, I announced that I would be accepting June advertisers with the proceeds going to help the town of Joplin, Missouri.

I was blown away when over 40 bloggers joined in the effort.
Together, and with the leadership of Sippy Cup Mom, we created Bloggers for Joplin.
We spread the word and got amazing advertisers on board, along with a couple of generous donations.
I have met some absolutely, amazing people during this journey who I’m honored to call friends.  I am so proud that we all came together to help.
We were able to donate an initial $1,348 to the Heart of Missouri United Way.  The Heart of Missouri United Way is working with no overhead to provide 100% of donations to help Joplin, Missouri.
After that initial donation, we still had donations rolling in from generous advertisers.  We were able to donate an additional $130 for a total of  $1,478!
You can check out Sippy Cup mom’s exciting video of making the initial donation via Paypal.  All additional donations were made by Paypal also.
A HUGE thank you to the blogs that participated in this event:
THANK YOU to all of the advertisers who are participating! We have over 52 advertisers with MANY advertising on several blogs!
Please make sure to check out these bloggers and advertisers! Without them, it never could have happened!
Please remember to keep the town of Joplin, Missouri in your thoughts!


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