Grab the teacher by the hook

Following a very warm day, I took Pickle & Willis to the neighbor’s farm pond for a little fishing.  About a year ago, in an attempt to reduce the amount of alagae, there was an accident with the elements used.  The end result was a large loss of many large fish.  Today the pond is being taken

Hello, Mr. Bullfrog!

over by tadpoles, Bull Frogs, and blue gills…baby blue gills.

At the age of three, Willis won his first fishing tournament in the 3-5 age group.  I can confidently say that he caught the fish bug that day.  So while we were at our neighbors pond he was having a ball catching tons of little fish.  There were schools of fish everywhere.  After a while one of the other neighbors came down with her grandson.  Willis immediately – and as serious as a heart attack – informed her that he had caught the teacher of the school.  But he put her back and now he was catching the students.  I nearly cried and had to quickly walk away to compose myself.

And he didn’t stop there.  He also caught a couple of teacher’s aids, the principal and even the lunch lady.

Thankfully, he through them all back so they could continue with ‘school.’

Quite possibly the funniest fishing trip I’ve ever been on.

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