Homeschooling my kids during summer vacation

It’s June 1st. June is one of my favorite months of the year. It welcomes the return of Ju-Ju bugs (aka June Bugs) and Fireflies; the smell of fresh cut hay, sand all over my kitchen floor, holes in my lawn for no apparent reason, the sound of toads and bullfrogs who hang out at the neighbor’s pond and Dairy Month! I’m also partial to having all of my boys home and out of traditional school.

I’m trying to ease into our new schedule and activities. They have yet to realize they will soon be enrolled in The Magic SchoolHouse. Following Pickle’s completion of Kindergarten we weren’t concerned/aware of ‘brain drain.’ He excelled in math and was easily playing card games such as Black Jack, Kings in the corner. He seemed to be a growing reader & loved books. When first grade started we were shocked (you are welcome to shake your heads & yell “Duh!” out loud) at the amount of knowledge was lost over the summer. Last year we were proactive and enrolled him into a math and reading program which involved completely a worksheet per subject each day. At the end of the week we would send those into the company and then receive the results a week or two later.

Still…the loss of knowledge, especially his handwriting and spelling, was incredible. It literally took half of the year to get him caught up in reading. We passed on the reading and math program this year. Instead, I’ve decided to ‘homeschool.’ It’s something I’ve always wanted to try but my hubby has some strong opinions against it. Once we became involved with our school I felt very comfortable and have loved every person the boys have had for teachers.  If I was ever asked what could be done to improve our school, my answer would quickly offering year round school (with shorter but more frequent breaks). The statistics for children who do not read on a regular basis are frightening.  The amount of children who do not read during the summer is shocking.

The key to homeschooling during the summer is being a sneaky-snooper. It won’t work if my boys know they are being ‘schooled.’ Being new to homeschooling and not having a clue where to start, I’ve done quite a bit of reading. Of the different approaches, I’m leaning more towards a conglomerate of the project and theme based approaches. I’m nearing a completed plan of attack and will reveal my madness behind The Magic Schoolhouse.

For now I’ll show you how we started off what I hope to be a fun-filled summer…Ice Skating.  This is an idea I found on The FlyLady’s website under camp activities.  The kids have an absolute blast AND I get a clean kitchen floor.  What more can you ask for??!!  Throw your kids into their swimming suits and follow the steps below…


Step 1: Use your ordinary, everyday soap and squirt onto the floor...I prefer Dawn.

Step 2: Grab your sink sprayer & have some fun! (I prefer the water to be warm/hot for cleaning purposes & comfort)

Step 3: Release the animals!! CAUTION: Too much soap can make this dangerous when skating in bare feet.

Step 4: The Spin cycle...grab some old socks and have your kids put them on. Many times I provide my hubby's old socks so there's more fabric to soak up the suds. This by the way is an attempt at a triplelux followed by a sowcow. Too bad he missed his landing. If he had nailed that landing he could be in contention for the Silver. Instead he received a two point deduction.

Step 5: Grab some large towels and have them sit on them, then move around the room on their behinds. Once everything is soaked up, grab your sprayer for the rinse cycle. Spray the floor down and repeat drying with the large towels. Oh, and have fun!!

Now, I’m sure you are wondering where does this fit into the homeschooling.  This is creative P.E.  It’s a cardio workout plus does wonders for your abs. Give it a try and let me know how your kids like skating through the kitchen.

Happy Friday!!!


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