My Reflection of Something – Edit Challenge Week #4

During the past 4 weeks I’ve been participating in a little exercise hosted by Branson over at My Reflection of Something (one of my favorite photobloggers, btw).  The first week I did not upload my edit.  By the second week, I was really diggin’ the challenge and submitted my first edit challenge – Week #3 may be found out on my stream.

It is now Week FOUR….echo, echo, echo…and the challenge is to edit this charming little, checkered water tower.  I love the sky in the background and felt the need to make that my playground, lessening the emphasis on the tower itself.  I was envisioning bright, vivid blue skies across the board. However, I stumbled upon the something more.


The Week #4 Edit Challenge Before Photo











The Replenishment from Heaven


It’s almost as though the sky is opening up for God.  If I were to write a story about this photo it would begin with a modern day visit from the heavens. God and his angels embark upon earth to replenish this little water tower located in a small town in the drought stricken state of Texas.  They come and bless this town which then again brings light to the tower…that would be another edit and honestly, I’m falling asleep as I write this so I think it’s time that I get ready for bed.

Enjoy my final edit of what I’ve entitled “The Replenishment from Heaven”!  And, please head on over to My Reflection of Something.  You have until Tuesday to submit your own edit…did I mention there are prizes?!?  Some super cute loot, if you ask me! Just do it!  If you don’t own software such as Photoshop, have no fear.  Jump over to where you are able to use their basic tools for FREE!  Yes, I said FREE!

It’s Sunday…while we unfortunately can not wave a magic wand and help those suffering from the drought, we do need to remember to replenish our own spirits as we prepare for a new week.  Even if you take only 15 min. to read a good book, it will help!  Less than 15 min. & I’m putting you in timeout!  I mean it!

Enjoy the day! Laugh a little, love a lot and LIVE!

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