Sweet Shot Tuesday…Strawberry Wine.

Sweet Shot Day

One of my favorite bloggers and photographers is Darcy Milder over at www.my3boybarians.com.  I had the opportunity to meet and learn from Darcy last fall at iBlog conference outside of Des Moines, IA.  Her philosophies are simple, common sense know-how and I left with a mindful of tips…not to mention some great shots!

Every Tuesday, she hosts “Sweet Shot Tuesday” where you link up a photo you’ve taken in the past week.  I’ve always just linked up to my Flickr account but today I wanted this throw it up on the blog and mention a fantabulous Twitter party Darcy co-hosts.  Along with fellow photographer, Kent Weakly, Darcy will be available tonight at 8pm, for a one-hour Photochat. (#photochat) Kent has a wonderful tutorial if you are not familiar with Twitter parties or TweetDeck. Last month was my first #photochat and wow, I walked away with excellent tips.

I’m drawn to both of these photographers because of one commonly attribute….their desire to help newbies and rusties (that’d be me) learn, grow and excel in our talents.  I highly encourage you to attend tonight’s #photochat Twitter party! Hope to see you there!  And, without further ado, here is my Sweet Shot Tuesday!


I call this "Mini-strawberry Wine"

It is a cropped version of “Strawberry Wine.”  Gosh, I love that song…Strawberry wine, seventeen….Deana Carter ROCKS!!  The photo maybe not so much…it’s straight from the box and hasn’t been edited at all…there are a few things I’d like to see done with it but I’m not feeling the greatest today so forgive my laziness.

Strawberry Wine.

Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday!


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