The Difference between Feed and Salt

This is a new post I wrote a couple of weeks ago…hard to imagine it was only 65 degrees.  Hope you enjoy!

I am tired.  My blood counts are down it’s barely gotten over 65 degrees and it’s rained most of the day.  As a result I’ve been a little lax

These girls gotta eat! A trip to the feed store is always an adventure.

on parenting. Some might call it choosing my battles.  After dropping off Pickle at Cub Scout Camp we headed for Wally World to pick up a couple of things.  Not the best trip ever but not the worst either.  I rewarded myself with a nice warm McCafe Caramel Mocha from Mickey D’s.  Then it was off to purchase feed and some other supplies.  For this we took a trip to Farm & Barn.  Did I mention it was raining?  And, I received another Mother-of-the-Year Award…what for you ask?  Dressing my children for 80 degrees when it’s actually 60 degrees and leaving without shoes for Pudder.

At this point, the late night baseball games and early mornings for Cub Scouts had caught up with Willis and Pudder.  I had hoped for a little catnap in between stops.  Fortunately, we still had our baseball blanket in the truck.  I wrapped Pudder up and headed inside.  We choose two carts, one for Pudder to lay down in with the blanket and one for the feed.

We headed back to the agricultural area, first stopping to look at the halters.  Near this aisle is where they keep the bags of salt.  I was taking my time trying to decide which size would be best.  Where were the boys?  Well, they are boys and there’s a mountain of salt bags…what would you do?  I suggested they get down but didn’t push it too much.

This is where I thought I would cry.  A girl/lady walked up and said, “You need to get your kids off the feed can’t let them be up there.”  I wanted to say they’ve done the same things every other week for years.  Instead, I got a bit snotty and informed her that I had just told Pudder to get down.

THEN, Mr. Willis turns whips around and loudly but matter of fact, informs the lady she is incorrect because that these aren’t feed sacks, just salt bags (for water softeners), so they weren’t doing anything wrong.  I was kind of disappointed she didn’t get a tongue sticking out at her.  In the meantime, I tried to REALLY concentrate on those halters and keep myself from busting up laughing.

The kid was right.  They weren’t playing on feed sacks.

Have a ****WONDERFUL**** TUESDAY!!!  BTW…it’s so hard to find suitable halters nowadays.

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