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I’m a self-proclaimed Twitter addict.  Why? Some of my ‘best’ online friends have come from interactions on Twitter.  Although I realize there, at times, can be some snarky happenings out there, for the most part Twitterland is a place full of good neighbors.  To honor my neighbors, I’d like to help you start your week off on the right foot.  What’s a girl to do when she wants to give a positive shout out to these outstanding people??

She creates Monday’s Magical Top Ten #Tweethearts!!

So…How do you become a #Tweetheart?

Simple. Easy, peasy.

  • Did you follow me this week and sent me a REAL direct message? You might be in.
  • Have you helped spread the word about the Top Ten #Tweethearts? Great, you are in the running.
  • Did you @mention me on Twitter? Could be you.
  • Have you visited my blog & tweeted about it? Yep, your name is in the hat.
  • Have you offered to sponsor a post? You might be on the list.
  • Let’s say someone needs some help with a craft and you help out…if I’ve seen it, I’ve probably written your name down.
  • If I happen to see you are needing followers and you are going about it in a positive non-spammy way, I’ll keep you in mind.


MOST importantly, I watch for genuine people who help each other out, give praise and make Twitterland a happy place!  Keep a’watchin and you just might see your handle!

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