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Illinois State Fair

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Good morning & welcome to this week’s special edition of the Top Ten #Tweethearts coming to you LIVE from the Illinois State Fair!!  In no particular order here are the #Tweethearts!

#1 #Tweetheart is @StaceySupermom – As a mom who has dealt with postpartum depression and severe anxiety due to grief, I appreciate Stacey’s openness and efforts in supporting us.  She provides great encouragement to all who have dealt with postpartum, anxiety and depression. LOVE that! Thank you Stacey! You are truly one Supermom!

#2 This Tweetheart & I have both felt that looking at each other’s profiles pics is almost like looking in a mirror. It gets even better because she is also a Jen, she’s @JenP_Kidsauthor!  Most importantly she is an excellent author writing to help children understand why mommys and daddys have to work.  The book is called “Mommy & Daddy Work to Make Some Dough.”  Featured on ABC Philadelphia’s Parenting Perspective AND she went to the trouble of helping me out by ‘Liked’ my FB pg and leaving a comment. Ck out her sitehttp://ow.ly/640Kc

#3 #Tweetheart share the love of dance! @Jen_Patty also has a similar attitude towards life…a portion of her profile reads “Always feel that let the rhythm of sound, motion and color make us to follow and hug each other..” Let’s follow her moves and dance thru life…ck out @Jen_Patty !

#4 on this weeks #Tweethearts is an amazing mom & wife! Her goal is 2 motivate us to get up & move. She operates www.cookieathlete.com which shares responsible tips for being motivated to move…especially important for setting a good example to our children. It closely follows my grandma’s philosophy of keep moving and eat in moderation.  The site is filled with excellent information! Ck out @cookieathletehttp://ow.ly/640ZI

#5  is @Anglindairy She is a fellow #dairymom with a heart of gold!  My Thursdays just aren’t right without her Thursday feature called Thankful Thursdays…it is a great segment! She’s dedicated 2 promoting dairy!

#6 Another fellow #dairymom @TopWindsDairy LOVES dairy products & can totally relate 2 the craziness surrounding me rt now In fact, in her profile she states that ever day brings something new and the only thing normal is the setting on her washing machine. With two boys, she’s another member of the ‘Boyz Club.’ In addition to providing nutritious, wholesome dairy products, their family raises beef. Check out her blog here… http://ow.ly/641oa

#7 on the #Tweethearts list! @Juliejordanscot Beautifully scripted author/poet & life coach. I’m so jealous because yesterday she was hanging out writing poetry while overlooking the beautiful Colorado River. Is there any better writing inspiration than that??  My favorite post is Following the Inspirational Flow of Creation.  Check it out! http://ow.ly/641ji

#8 Our next #Tweetheart is @MommyPerks! Founder of MommyPerks comm. & a succesful momprenuer, she is probably the most experienced blogger I know. She’s been blogging since 2005, and has built a unique community of parents, educators and business owners.  She and her husband own three businesses and 11 sites.  Ck out Giveaways, contests, tips, activities and more on MommyPerks.com

#9 A very small part of her blog and community is providing inspirational quotes for women and by women.  Our #9 #Tweethearts is @1000Girlfriends and she provides the ideal girlfriend getaway..online! I love how she ties history of the women movement into the site, MeAndMy1000Girlfriends.com.  She highlights famous women throughout time and a Girlfriend of the Day from the present. Very neat!

#10 Our last on the list of #Tweethearts is @Greenbuds_Baby  I’m a huge promoter of recognizing new followers and got a kick out of being a new ‘greenbud’ on Twitter.  Their product line can been since on their site, Greenbudsbaby.com. Additionally, they offer parenting advice and resources on their blog, http://blog.greenbudsbaby.com/. Today there is a great article on the Terribles Two’s (or Three’s or Four’s)

Congrats to all of this week’s #Tweethearts!! Due to the craziness of the fair things were a little off this week…my apologies!!

Are you wondering how you can become a #Tweetheart? Check out my about how to become a #Tweetheart. http://themagicfarmhouse.com/mondays-magical-top-ten-tweethearts/

Hope y’all have a fantastic week!!

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