R u one of Monday’s Magical Top Ten #Tweethearts?

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You: A what?

Me: A Tweetheart

You: (nothing)

Me: Each week I dig through my Twitter followers to locate 10 people/companies who I feel are worthy of a #Tweetheart.  It could be that you gave me an @mention, or you re-tweeted one of my ViT ‘s (very important tweets…duh?!), maybe we just met at a conference, you could have just purchased ad space on my blog or sponsored a post or event.  You could just have a super-cool blog, site, cause or product I believe Tweeterland needs to see.  Or, you’ve helped send followers on over.  Whatever the reason, I hope receiving a #Tweetheart starts your week off on the right foot so that you….Laugh more. Love more. and LIVE more!

This week I’m trying a new format by telling you a little about each #Tweetheart…let me know what you think! In no particular order…

#1: Our first slot is for my long, lost twin tweeter sister, @AMagicMommy!  Between the two of us we have six, that’s right, six boys!! She blogs at A Magical Mommy & has some fantabulous info out there…my favorite right now is a guest post about organizing your children’s book.  I LOVE children’s books! She also has a ton of info about organizing…which I’ll admit is an area I sometimes need some help um, fixing. Congrats, sista!

#2: @amberrisme is a Georgia Peach haling from “Like A Bump on a Log.”  She has recently began writing her first novel and like myself, loves to travel with her camera – popping shots everywhere.  Please give her a big tweethug!

#3: Our third #Tweetheart is one strong mama! Reading her blog inspires me, motivates me and humbles me. Although our journeys are different, I know she understands all to well, the meaning behind my tagline…Laugh more. Love more. and LIVE more! Her awe inspiring story can be found at Four Plus an Angel. A must read story!! Please congratulate @fourplusanangel!

#4: Congrats Tweetheart #4 @ZonePerfect! I had heard about Zone Perfect but until attending #BloggyCon a couple of weeks ago I had not yet tasted these knockout bars.  They were kind enough to help out as sponsors & made sure we received tons of samples.  For a mom who has a child with nuts it’s a bummer because there are nuts in my favorite bar Cashew Pretzel.  So far, I’ve been able to get away with sneaking into my office, locking the door, escaping by touching everything with paper towels and running straight for the bathroom to wipe myself down.  You NEED to check out their all natural nutrition bars today! I mean it now! http://ow.ly/5RGCu Yummy, Nummy!

#5: Let’s give a round of applause to Tweetheart #5… @OhioMomBlogs! This is a great group of bloggers from Ohio who have met & support one another on www.bloggymoms.com.

#6: Congrats Tweetheart #6! A true Texan @SusieHomemaker1 is truly my idol Susie Homemaker!! She would love for you to stop by her blog and leave your own Susie Homemaker Moments for us all so head on over to www.susiehomemaker.com.

#7: This tweeter really touches my heart.  It’s @TheNewModernMom…She uses her tools to help fight Ovarian cancer-a disease my 30 yr old cousin has been fighting. In honor of her aunt, @TheNewModernMom will be walking with her team in September…stop by her site & show here some tweeter love! Thank you for all you do!   http://ow.ly/5RGYw


#8: With a great post about pressure cookers (I’m in the market for one) our #Tweetheart 8 is @wellsphere Their site is very informative and anyone who is considering canning should take a minute and learn about the Four P’s! You’ll see. 😉 http://ow.ly/5RH5P

#9: Tweeterheart #9 is a Jane-of-all-trade! Congrats to @momendeavors at www.momendeavors.com! Another grrrreat mom of boys who is creative in sooo many ways! Her blog contains a wealth of knowledge about children, cooking, creating, capturing and most importantly celebrating!!

#10 Finally, last but not least…Tweetheart #10 Won my heart during #BloggyCon with their breathtaking Odyssey! It has been Dreamlisted! Thank you to @Honda for helping out by sponsoring an outstanding conference.  You truly had me at Varommm! http://ow.ly/5RHw8










Congrats to you all! Hope you have a fantastic week!
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