I apologize if you were watching for this review last week, as I had previously tweeted.

Early this summer I was contacted by Sharon Silver, founder of Proactive  She had requested I review of one of her Every day Solution Series MP3 Audio Seminars – I chose the seminar called How to respond, not react. I truly feel things happen for a reason and at a specific time.  This could not have come at a better time for our family.  Wow.  It was a wake-up call in so many ways.

My fears of summer vacation had begun just after spring break…scary, huh?  All week it seemed misbehavior was increasing.  I wondered how my almost nine year old, my five year old who, at times, disguised as a two year old and my two year old mama’s boy would all interact in a 24 hr setting.  I’ve mentioned before that our five-year-old, Willis, has exhibited undesirable behavior.  We have assumed this behavior has been due to Middle Child Syndrome.  After all, Pudder was 11 months old when Wills began to acknowledge he had two brothers.


#1: Sharon’s seminar put things into a completely different world for us.  She presents the reasons why our children behavior in the way the do, BUT she also explains our behavior as parents.  Somewhere down the line of my almost nine years of parenting experience, I picked up the following saying.  “You control the situation, do not allow the situation to control you.”  There have been times that I’ve found myself chanting this in my brain as my three little, crazy boys work hard to get mom to lose control.  The problem was I didn’t know HOW to control the situation.  I was reacting rather than responding because I wasn’t recognizing my own negative behavior.

#2: The seminar helped us to stop and look at the big picture.  What we found is that some of Willis behavioral problems are not middle-child related.  It’s user error on the part of the parents.  I know that must sound terribly insensitive to compare my children to a computer but it’s such a true comparison. Without the seminar, I fear how long it would have taken us to connect the dots.  I am so grateful to Sharon for allowing our family to ‘test’ drive her seminar Start responding, not reacting.  Even if you feel your parenting is in a good place, I would recommend that you listen to this seminar.  There is so much useful information that you can’t possibly walk away without gaining some positive perspective.

#3:  Adding to this, I love how she relates her principles to Super Nanny and uses simple, yet effective analogies.  I think the most important tip I’ve walked away with is her technique for handling phone calls when your children are around.  It took a bit for everyone to catch on but what had been a huge pet-peeve is now a bonus cuddling time.

#4:  I am a book worm and still haven’t caught onto this nook/reader bug.  I like to have the paper in my hands where I can make notes, etc…  So I wasn’t sure how I would do with a seminar.  I was pleasantly surprised to find a handbook which accompanied the seminar.  Even without the handbook I found that there was ease of listening…I could take this on the go in the vehicle or walking.  I even managed to squeeze in some time at Mickey D’s while the kids were in PlayLand.

Con’s turned Pro’s:

#1:  I will say that at first the information was a bit overwhelming.  However, I learned that if I played it over and over in bits and pieces we could work in baby steps. My favorite exercise in the seminar was to stop and think about how your child learned to sit, crawl, walk, etc… Did they do this overnight? Of course not. It was after lots of repetition that they final ‘got it’.  The same can be said for parenting.  By following Sharon’s core principles of #1Right here, right now (such a tough one for me-it really made me see how I wasn’t always stepping up to the plate), what to do instead (exactly what I had been asking myself following spring break) and #3 Let’s try this again-repeat!, we are learning how to deal with each crisis – middle child related or not – one at a time.

#2:  Putting this all into play during summer vacation was very difficult due to our hectic schedules but the results have been so worth it!  It’s revitalized my passion for improving my parenting skills!

Thank you again to Sharon Silver for helping us out in so many ways! 😉  Please check out her outstanding website!

So now I want to hear from you, my readers, is this – What types of parenting issues are you faced with on a day-to-day basis?

Side note: I was provided the seminar in order to facilitate this review.  However, all experiences & opinions are my own.

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