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Ever heard of it?  An article , entitled ‘Understanding swag hoarders and ethical blogging practices at BlogHer,’ recently caught my eye. It was published by SmartBlog on Social Media during BlogHer week.  As the title indicates it brings light to some of the alleged practices which take place during the conference.  It is casually implied that BlogHer is all about the swag and swag hoarders.  My initial impression caused a little embarrassment and an urge to begin searching for a rock. I’m old-fashioned and believe that as ‘mommy and daddy bloggers’ we are members of a group or family.  We may, at times, become snarky but do you know of any families who aren’t?  No? I don’t either.  So, while reading the article I felt that it was directed at ‘my group.’ My people. My family.

THE KING OF SWAGERGIZING - They were plum out of queens. Go figure.

I will grant that I’ve only attended three conferences in my short blogging career and this repertoire does not include BlogHer… which by the way, is sounding more like the Olympics of mommy and daddy blogging rather than a conference.  However, during the conferences which I’ve attended, wrestling the sponsor to get the goods seems to be a bit taboo.  I’ve also never been given the impression that the ‘swag’ was the intent for attending the conference. I have to give my family the benefit of the doubt and hope with my little, naive optimistic heart that this is not true. Even so, I do realize there can be a few bad apples that might rock the cart.

The question for my loyal readers is this…have these conferences become more of one huge free ‘shopping spree’ that requires weeks of training in a Swagerize class? While you ponder that question, tell me this… pretend with me for just a moment…Let’s say the conferences are all about Swagergizing with the goal of being the first person to take down the Tidel Party.  What can we do as a family to improve our manners, integrity and more importantly our reputation?

Be honest. If it is what this article states, then it is….I’m curious to know how much Swagergizing training is required.

I just want you to give it to me straight.  I’m a big girl, even if I’m only 5 feet and 1 1/4 inches tall. 😉


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