This Week’s Top Ten #Tweethearts – Aug. 29th

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to this week’s edition of the Top Ten #Tweethearts! Want more info about #Tweethearts and how you can be featured? For the who, what, where & when go to the Monday’s Magical Top Ten #Tweetheart page.

Now onto our featured #Tweethearts!

#1 on this week’s Top Ten #Tweethearts list is @literalmom aka Missy Bedell! She’s motivational, positive but REAL. The goal of is to encourage all parents to be ‘thinking’ parents. As quoted from her blog, “It’s when we put ourselves on auto-pilot and just coast through parenting (and life in general) that things can go awry.” This is so true! I love her passion for parenting!  Check out her site and you’ll be sure to pick up at least one if not ten great tips!

#2 #Tweethearts is Ali @suitcasetricks.  I’ve been watching her closely as she’s been on my nice list for some time now – she is hilarious!!  Her latest blog post at put her over the top.  I won’t give anything away except that you must read about Officer Hotty McHottness.  And, I love how so many people reached out to her during the situation she encounters. In return, she’s asked that we all follow their examples and do more good deeds so THIS is my good deed. 😉 Did I mention she’s nominated to receive Parents’ Best Blog Award in the Funniest mom blog category??  Go help the girl out & vote for her!!

#3 In #Tweethearts 3rd spot is @birdsbeesbabies With a now nine-year old and almost six-year-old, we are coming to the realization the boys might need more than animal breeding conversations when discussing how babies are made.  Like many farm kids, they understand how the rabbits breed, how calves are born via Artificial Insemination AND how baby chics are created but they are very curious about how THEY were made.

Are you in the same boat?  Need help chatting about the birds & the bees & ahem, babies? Author J.L. Sweat and Oh Sweat publishing have created the book ‘Birds, Bees, Babies’ which explains where babies come from…without discussing sex or biology!  No longer do we have to avoid telling our kids about the birds & the bees! Although I have not had the chance to read the complimentary book provided by Mr. Sweat, it is on my must-do list!  Check out his blog/site for more great info!! (all opinions are my own and have not been influenced by the complementary copy of Birds, Bees, Babies)

#4 on #Tweethearts is @hipmumdotcom The goal of, is nurturing the spirit of the woman behind the mother. Fantabulous concept!  Founder Julie McBroom has recently reached out even further by creating the new, up & coming Twitter party #mothersunleashed held on Wednesday mornings @ 10am. Read more about this HIP Twitter party! If we are lucky you might just see me there tomorrow!! 😉  Thank you, Julie!

#Tweethearts #5 spot is America’s leading cattle publication, @BeefMagazine. You’ll find essential information that covers all angles of the beef industry; cow/calf operations, vets, health, nutrition, genetics, agvocates & more! Even if you are the little, little guy like us who prefer to raise your own, you will find useful information!

#6 is a Great mom resource center, complete with its own conference…on a cruise!! Sign me up! @blogginmamas  Although the blog is a bit outdated they remain VERY active on Twitter, providing blogging tips and more.  They’ve also just released a new site called

#7 on #Tweethearts is @MoveTogetherFit who provides a Skype version of Personal Training & Nutrition! Such an innovative way to reach those of us who are glued to our Macs and PC’s!! So smart!! I can not wait to give it a try!  What’s more, they are serious about motivating their Tweople sending out heart-felt, cheers directly to their followers.  If you are looking for a new way to improve your health (not just a lose the weight game), this is the place for you!

#8 on The week’s Top Ten #Tweethearts is one of my favorite #agchics and a fellow #AgChat participant! With a passion for agriculture, animal welfare and running, @amyserves is just a downright genuine person! She’s an expert in keeping cows comfy on waterbeds with DCC Waterbeds.  If you have cows, I recommend checking out the benefits of DCC Waterbeds.  Just looking at them makes me want to bed down next to the girls in the barn – minus their outputs!

#9 on this week’s #Tweethearts is @CapitalPressglw Gary L. West, journalist for, fantastic resource for all things #AG in the west! So if you are in the west and need to know the best about Agriculture then Capital Press is the place to rest!  I’m a poet and didn’t know it! LOL! Seriously though, the site is packed full of great resources. Learn more about Gary, the journalist and CapitalPress!

#10 this week is @SandraEMartin. She’s Today’s Parent executive editor, mom, writer, is a self-proclaimed camera hound, grown-up tester, music fan, novice guitar goddess (sooo cool!!) & money maven.  Most importantly she’s a fellow coffee addict & came to my aid last week as a ‘coffee coach.’  LOL!  She is the go-to gal for everything money and I mean everything!  Thanks for all you do Sandra!

Congrats to this week’s Top Ten #Tweethearts!!! Thank you all for your support of the Top Ten #Tweetheart event! Please stop by the #Tweethearts sites/blogs or give them a shout out on Twitter!!



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