Top Ten #Tweethearts – Aug. 23rd

Our first Top Ten #Tweetheart had me at ‘circus act’ when I read her profile. Please meet @moonstarmommy, she comes from a blended family of sever, yes, seven children.  Three of her boys have medical problems including rare genetic disorders.  As a mother of children with medical issues she knows first-hand the struggles of all families facing these challenges.  She reserves a place on her blog for these Special Families.  @moonstarmommy caught my eye when she offered to send me a link to her Dr. Pepper Roast…sounds so yummy & I can’t wait to try it out.  You’ll have to check out her blog & see if you can’t find this awesome recipe! 😉

In hi-res, this is one of my favorite pictures I've ever taken. It just shouts "LOOK OUT, HERE WE COME!"

Next on our list of Top Ten #Tweethearts, is @Taleofabaseballdream. We are a HUGE, I mean HUGE baseball family and St. Louis Cardinal fans.  So huge, our oldest is currently in the middle of a month-long training camp & try outs for the 2012 season. It’s intense but it’s his dream and his decision!  Which brings me to @Taleofabaseballdream, who has authored the book Tale of a Baseball Dream. Quoted from his site, “Tale of A Baseball Dream is the fictitious story of Dusty Hunter, a young boy that grew up with a love to play baseball. Dusty was small in stature, but proved to have a “big heart,” as he overcame many obstacles and disappointments, in his efforts to become a great baseball player.”  This really touches my heart because we have a little boy on the team who is small in stature but doesn’t know it.  He’s one of the best athletes in the school because he dreams big and also overcomes his own obstacles and disappointments.  Although I haven’t had the opportunity to read the book, there are samples on the website and glowing reviews on Amazon.  Thank you for providing an engaging book for boys of all ages which will draw their attention away from sitting in front of a TV. Check out the site at Congrats!

In our third slot of this week’s Top Ten #Tweethearts we meet @Brookeclay.  A fellow #AgChat member, she blogs at Rural Gone  She hilariously toned as she writes about a variety of topics including her love of social media entangled with agriculture.  I completely relate to her growing up in Rural Route 3; although for me it was Rural Route 4…SIDENOTE FOR BROOKE: RR4 is also no longer & honestly I can’t tell you what my mom’s address is nowadays (it changed after I got married some 12 years ago).  I just love Brooke’s willingness to do anything new.  She’s truly a twenty-something on the move, experiencing what life throws at here and it’s awesome!! Thanks for keeping me in the loop while you were at #AgChat and I was NOT…bababababwawawawaw! Lots of tears!  Check out her site and be near a bathroom in case you laugh until you’re gonna pee! Almost forgot…no she is N.A.M.B. (not a mom blogger) but she loves us and reads our blogs…supercool! Thanks!

Our number four slot of this week’s Top Ten #Tweethearts is another fellow member of #AgChat…again in attendance at #ACFC11 when I was NOT.  This social media rockstar, @AR_Ranchhand, caught my eye with a direct message – eek! Not my favorite and I usually ignore these messages but when it said Agriculture Proud, I could not honor the request.  When I arrived at the site, I was hooked with the tagline “Agriculture. It’s more than part of life. Its a passion, a lifestyle, resilient community that works hard to feed the world.”  So true!  Great job sharing your story to the world!  I’ll also add a plug about his page ‘Stamps, States and AgFacts,’ such a cool idea! Check it out!

We are now at the fifth slot on this week’s Top Ten #Tweethearts.  I admire how @innerbonding is passionate about helping those with anxiety, depression, addictions (they may need to help me out with my Twitter addiction – Ha!) and relationships.  They offer home study courses, ecourses, weekend workshops, a free assessment and phone sessions – all developed to be ‘The Ultimate Way to Heal Yourself.”  They’ve been featured on Oprah and have even helped Alanis Morrissette!!  The site contains such a wealth of information all focused to help you unleash your joy, passion and creativity! Love it! Check out their site at Congrats!

In the sixth spot, I’d like for you to meet @LKnerl.  I first met Linsey at Iblog conference last fall.  She approached me and said that she too lived on a small rural hobby farm.  That’s when I started to realize there were others out like me!  Someone who wants to be able to supplement her family’s income, while caring for her children and living with farm animals in the front yard – technically I’m not sure that Linsey has animals in her front yard but I do.  Most importantly she also dreads folding laundry – right there with ya girl!! She blogs at and focuses on helping other Work-at-Home moms. The site has an abundance of quality, down-to-earth advice that any WAHM needs to read.  Check out her site & you’ll be certain to learn something new!

We are at number seven! Sorry, if I’m going to in-depth this week…so many amazing #Tweethearts!  The spot is reserved for @SuperBusyMoms.  This site is a small but growing super place for SuperMoms!  They are currently looking for moms who will go post cleaning tips, ideas for family fun activities and recipes…be a RockStar and gain some exposure by being one of the first to post your amazing ideas!  Remember we are all Super Moms! Check out their site at

Number eight had me laughing so hard!!  I recently posted “The 12 Highlights of Our Summer Vacation” (sung to The 12 Days of Christmas) and tweeted about it.  @Sleeps_To_Go picked up on the Christmas part & began to re-tweet.  Anyone who retweets your post deserves to be lurked so…I went a’lurking to find that @Sleeps_To_Go is already counting down to Christmas 2011!!!!  I doubt I’ll check in for about another month but this is your Go-To place to see how many days you have left until Christmas day! Check them out on Twitter!

That moves us on to number nine!  It is @RagsTags1 and they are busy inspiring us all to engage in Random Acts of Generosities.  Go to their website to get your ‘Tag.’ Whenever you have the time and resources, perform a good act and pass on your TAG.  People are encouraged to email in their stories and how someone provided a random act of generosity.  The  TAG is labeled with a number so as people email in their stories, you can search your TAG number, and then read about how your good deeds changed someone’s day.  I believe the TAG can then be re-used and that person can pass it along to someone else and so forth.  The stories page is really incredible and encouraging.  Take a minute to go and read a few of these amazing stories!

This brings us to our last Top Ten #Tweetheart.  She is a pioneer in the agriculture community working hard to connect farms to food and encouraging farmers to share their story.  @mpaynknoper blogs at and is the founder of #AgChat and #AgFood, Twitter parties that take place on Tuesday evenings.  She has been instrumental in the Social Media movement among agricultural professionals.  Additionally, she is a certified professional speaker who range also includes Social Media Workshops, Association and Corporation Training and Phenomenal Fundraising.  Stop by her amazing site and she how she’s catching attention by connecting the gate to the plate.

Top Ten Tweethearts

Congrats to all of this week’s Top Ten #Tweethearts!!! Are you interested in becoming a #Tweetheart?  Check out my page on how to join in the movement!




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