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Did you miss out on the announcement of this week’s #Tweethearts?? Not a problem, I’ve got you covered.  Check out each of these wonderful #Tweethearts!

#1 This #Tweetheart is a hoot!! She is actually one of the very first bloggers who convinced me that I should subscribed to her blog.  She hooked me up with a group of outstanding women and we all formed “Bloggers for Joplin,” just after the tornado hit.  Together we raised around $1400 in one week’s time.  She gives killer reviews & is participating in ‘A Blogtastic Extravaganza,’ which runs Aug. 11-21st…. Say hi to Shell or @NotQuiteSusie !  Visit her blog at www.notquitesusie.com

#2  A fellow member of #AgChat, our #2 Tweetheart is leading the initiative in farm energy efficiency.  Providing great tips and resources, @ISU_Farm_Energy – Dana Peterson, empowers farmers with articles such as ‘Fuel Efficiency Factors for Tractor Selection’ and ‘Fundamentals for farm lighting.’

#3 Tweetheart is a featured publisher on FoodBuzz.com, she loves moo poo (check out her tweets or blog for more info on that) and she currently has one of the most scrumptious caramel cakes on her home page…thankfully, she has been kind enough to provide the recipe!  I know a certain sweet tooth who is ready to give it a whirl.  Please meet  @CowlickCottage !  She blogs at CowlickCottageFarm.com

#4 @ezweber is a fellow #dairymom, has a passion for dairy cows and is sharing her family’s fair stories on her blog now.  What I LOVE the most about her site is that she provides a glossary.  It includes common farm terms to help you feel right at home on the Zweber farm. She & her husband also specialize in sustainably raised beef, pork & chicken. You can read more about their exciting adventures at ZweberFarms.wordpress.com!

#5 Since I began blogging I had struggled with finding my niche.  It wasn’t until early this summer I was introduced to @StaceyNerdin and her lovely blog Tree, Root, Twig.  As part of a class I took through #SITS, we were instructed to read an article written by Stacey.  It was this article which turned the lightbulb on in my little head.  In a nutshell, she said it’s ok to go against the trends and blog without having a niche.  I’ve taken that theory and ran with it ever since.  Really a turning point in my blogging career.  Not to mention that she LOVES mint chocolate chip ice cream (my fav), is a social media diva, mom of 5 children ages 3-16 & a fantastic writer…Please give her Twitterland love and visit her @ TreeRootandTwig.com.

#6 #Tweetheart is @powermommy.  Wow, her profile exhausts me and puts me in a state of envy.  She is an outstanding woman!  Dubbed speaker, author and mentor, she strives to RE-power all moms as we go through the day-to-day grind!  She can be found at PowerMommyNation.com AND she offers the PowerMommyNation Daily…What stands out to me the most is her Back-to-School Boot Camps she is offering! Brilliant! Check out her site to see if one is coming near you!

#7 #Tweetheart goes to @JennieandKim These are your go-to mommy tip gals.  They blog at Surviving Motherhood offering Money Saving 101, family fun; printables, child workshops, and crafts.  They offer inspiration for all moms.  My favorite current post is Easy Freezer Meals…right now is the perfect time to gather up those fresh veggies out of the garden or at the farmer’s market and start making some wholesome meals.

#8 Tweetheart is @Sydney56781 Along side my Twitter addiction, I’m obsessed with watching the weather.  Like me, she is ‘in tune’ with what’s coming from above and is really looking forward to a break from all this heat!  Most impressive, she is followed by the one and only @TheRealRoseanne – Roseanne Barr!  Give her a BIG Tweetheart holler & follow her please!

#9 Is a man on a mission! @Gruntstyle has created apparel to honor, inspire & motivate our military men & women. As an American, I’m inspired and motivated as well.  This clothing line is so trendy yet says so much for our country.  It’s time that we all make Patriotism ‘cool’…Show your American Spirit and checkout GruntStyle.com. With a lifetime guarantee you can not go wrong! Lots of new products in the works too!

10 #Tweetheart is @Sharon_Silver Dedicated to improving parenting skills her seminar has done wonders for our family.  We are still a work in progress however, her tips and techniques are so smart.  The greatest gift I’ve taken from our experience with Proactive Parenting is having the ability to talk on the phone without kids screaming.  I know, crazy huh? Check out her site & her seminars!!  http//:www.proactiveparenting.net  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Congratulations to all of this week’s #Tweethearts!!  Are you wondering how you can become a #Tweetheart and be featured to hundreds potential thousands of readers? Read this little ‘how-to’ and learn what #Tweethearts is all about!

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