11 Days of Tribute: Challenge #2 What changed for you? Be Thankful.

In honor of the victims who lost their lives, had their lives forever changed by the lost of a loved one on 9-11 and to all who have fought for our country, I’m hosting an Eleven Days of Tribute.  If you stopped by yesterday, I hope you had a chance to take Challenge #1 and watched Alan Jackson perform via YouTube.  Please do so if you have not already.


There are two parts of today’s challenge.  The first part of the tribute may require a bit more brain work as you shuffle through the memories you have of that horrific day.  Embrace those feelings and think about what changed in your life immediately following 9-11.  Did you vow to live differently?  Slow down and cherish what you have?  Hug a neighbor? Change jobs?  Have a child?  Stop and smell the flowers?  Help a stranger out?

Although it is not required, I encourage you to leave your answer below or on The Magic FarmHouse Facebook page.

The second part is very easy and something we should all need to do much more often…Thank a solider for serving and fighting for our country.  If you don’t know someone first-hand, there are groups online including military spouse groups where you could also thank their family.

I want thank my grandpa who fought in WWII, my husband’s cousin who served in Iraq twice, a fellow Cub Scout parent and friend who will be deployed to Afganistan next week and his wife and son who will be here at home surrounded by our Pack family.  You are in our thoughts & prayers!! Lots of hugs G, L & B!!

Make sure you stop by tomorrow for Challenge #3 (which ties into both of the prior challenges).


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