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You’ve been waiting for it and here it is. Below you’ll find expanded descriptions of last night’s Top Ten #Tweethearts episode!  Are you wondering how you became a Top Ten #Tweetheart or HOW to become a Top Ten #Tweetheart? Read more at the #Tweetheart page.

We started the line-up with @FollowCristyNow.  However, since that time I have been mislead and spammed with information about their products via a DM on Tweeter. As a result, they are no longer considered a #Tweetheart. I only disclose the name to prevent anyone from visiting or “Liking” this person from last night’s list.

So onward ho with this week’s Top NINE #Tweethearts!!

#1 is Stephanie aka @Encourage Kids! I love her profile description…’Encouraging your kids to use their talents is challenging. You want to help them keep balance in their lives as they learn to make the most of who they are.’  The statement alone encourages me, as a parent, to be the parent I can be. Then I moved to her tweets where I found a wealth of knowledge on subjects from the teenage years right down to breastfeeding; many highlighting other Tweople which I really like to see! Her site http://www.encouragingtheirtalents.com provides articles and ‘discussions’ on a number of hot topics such as what to do when your child wants to start a website. Whether you follow her Tweets or her site you really can not go wrong. Congrats, Stephanie!

#2 is Amy/@AmyMacsMusings. A self-described ‘open-book’ blogger she shares her life in an effort to help others. FANTASTICO! Then I found that she LOVES coffee…she was in! Amy also loves cooking, reading, blogging, music and she is a follower of God. 🙂  I’m inspired by her willingness to allow others to learn from her experiences. As a new mom she isn’t afraid to turn to her tweople for advice. Thank you, Amy! Visit her at http://www.amymacsmusings.wordpress.com/

#3 on this week’s Top Ten #Tweethearts is @RBBrooke. Providing motivational quotes on Twitter and invaluable marketing, leadership and coaching information on his beautiful site http://www.BlissBusiness.com. The provides quotes directly from RB. My favorite is about Optimism. “Any idiot can figure out how it won’t work.  Figure out how it will.” ~RB. You will also find free quizzes on the site such as a Listening quiz, Are You Likely to Succeed in Network Marketing?, State of Motivation and more.  The amount of useful information on this site is unbelievable! Congrats, RB and BlissBusiness.com!

#4 goes to @FieldParents. All of my UK friends, take notice to these #Tweethearts! A husband, wife team, John and Samantha Field have a niche all of their own in the UK. Among other types of coaching they offer “Creativity Coaching.” This is a brilliant concept! They offer various workshops to help launch a creative career, dealing with obstacles to creative flow and helping teachers and parents to develop the creativity of children.  You can also find several free coaching downloads on their site http://www.FieldNLPtraining.com/

#5 on this week’s #Tweethearts is @UdderTechInc. The story behind this company is fantastic. The company is family owned and developed out of necessity in 1994. Like many dairy farm moms, Cheryl, worked off of the farm as a part-time teacher. She needed more efficient ways to get the milking done in the morning and be at work on time. In the evening the same applied. With a family to feed and homework to do, she needed to get the milking done quickly. Enter the Towel Tote. For my non-milking friends I’ll give you a quick run down on how to prep a cow. Before a cow is milked, her teats are cleaned using a germicide solution such as 1% iodine solution. Both the teat and teat-ends are cleaned, removing any bacteria which could harm the milk.  As the teats are cleaned a naturally occurring hormone, called oxytocin is released which then causes the milk to let down. Very similar to breastfeeding. Udder Tech Inc.’s Cloth Towel Pouch saves time and steps by keeping the clothes right with you. They also offer many other tools to help speed the milking process. For more info, check out their site http://www.uddertechinc.com. Congrats, Udder Tech Inc.!

#6 is @RealAgriculture is a Canadian based blog focused on what is REALLY happening in Agriculture. This is a outstanding resource for Canadian farmers and ranchers. As I read more, I found that many of the articles can easily apply to the US and other countries. I was wowed with the broad spectrum of topics/categories from weather, precision farming, combining, ag policy, livestock…I could go on and on. My favorite article was about a conference which took place not far from yours truly. The article focused on the happenings during this year’s InfoAg conference held in July in Springfield, IL. If you are new to ag or are a 4th generation farmer, you are sure to pick up a tip or two.

#7 is another Dairy mom who is setting the bar high when it comes to helping others learn about a dairy farm. @TheDairyMom brings us all to her farm via YouTube, her blog and Twitter. I’ve always been impressed by her ability to connect with others and her passion for sharing. Their farm’s mission speaks volumes…”We’re committed to providing excellent care for our animals, being responsible stewards of the environment, being good neighbors and producing a quality product consumers enjoy.” I encourage you to visit the virtual tour of Hasting’s Dairy. Thank you, Brenda for your dedication to agriculture and dairy!

#8 on this week’s Top Ten #Tweethearts is a sweetheart!! @flStrawberrySue is a delight as are her recipes. Representing the Florida Strawberry Growers Association, Sue Harrell, is the FSGA’s Director of Marketing, provides helpful tips and tweets from how to select strawberries, recipes (she has a great one for a lemon-strawberry tart), nutritional facts, ideas for the upcoming holidays and so much more! Be sure to watch for “Jammer” the FSGA’s new mascot…cute, little guy!

And, finally, #9 is @MommysPost!! This is an online newspaper created by Laura Russin. The paper features useful resources, recipes and a place to connect with others who need a laugh or who just need to share. She is looking for featured guest posts now.

Congrats to all of this week’s Top Ten #Tweethearts!! For more information about #Tweethearts and to find out how you can become a featured #Tweetheart, please visit my ‘How-to’ page.

Have a great week!


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