Full-length Top Ten #Tweetheart bios – Oct. 3rd

UPDATE: My apologies to this week’s Top Ten #Tweethearts! The schedule widget failed to publish this post for an undetermined reason. Thank you to @farmerhaley for bringing this to my attention!!

#1 on #Tweethearts this week is @ZigZag…What is ZigZag you ask? It’s an incredible philosophy about business and life, which has recently been published as a book. It’s just as applicable to parents as it is to business women and men. Author, Rich Christiansen, shares his tried and true stories as example of how the ZigZag theory can help build successful ventures and enriched families. The most important yet challenging advice I’ve taken from the #ZigZag philosophy is that mult-tasking should be eliminated from our lives. So true! For more thoughtful and encouraging quotes/statements, follow @ZigZag or go to http://www.zigzag.com to check out how to pre-order the book!!

#2 on #Tweethearts goes to @farmerhaley.  A fifth generation farmer, he cares deeply about preserving our land and livestock. He comes to us from Ohio and alongside his father and wife, grows corn, soybeans, wheat, hay and purebred Simmental cattle. If you happen to be a cattle chic or man, they have consignments in the upcoming The New Direction sale in Seward, NE on Oct. 15th. Have you’ve ever been curious about where your food comes from? I encourage you check out www.farmerbloggers.com where Farmer Haley does an excellent job of sharing his family’s farm story!

#3 on #Tweethearts is @GooseDownGC! Here in Illinois we opened our deer season on Sat., Oct.1st so I’m in a bit of a hunting mood the last few days. Another favorite wild game of yours truly is goose…possibly even my favorite. I love to marinate the breast in ranch dressing or italian dressing. And, although I’ve never had the opportunity to hunt geese, it is on my bucket list! One of my newest followers is @GooseDownGC AND they are from Illinois AND huge Cardinal fans!! Most of all, I’m loving the look of their camo-dipped duck and goose calls homemade from cherry wood. Check out their website where you’ll find an assortment of homemade and poly-acyrlic calls. www.goosedowngamecalls.com

#4 on #Tweethearts is the real, deal! @BloggyMoms is one of my very, favorite bloggy moms and is as sweet in person as she is online. Right now, she needs our help!!! I’d like to encourage you all to visit http://www.cheapsally.com/profile/tiffanynoth/ where you can vote for her in the “Bring Home the Bacon” Contest. Her mantra is “use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without!” Such a smart cookie! You can also visit @bloggymoms at http://www.abloggymom.com or on her fabulous community http://www.bloggymoms.com! 

#5 on #Tweethearts is @greensoil! She is your #1 natural soil, nutrient resource for gardening indoor and out. Annie Haven’s blog www.manuretea.com is such a gem…especially for those of us who are purple thumbs (we don’t completely kill the plant but it’s far from flourishing). Annie caught my eye with a tweet about ‘MooPoo.’ Being a cow lover I HAD to check something like that out. She was referring to her manure tea. Still inquisitive, I found it’s just that…tea made from manure. The brew provides nourishment to your plants…with fantastic testimonials to back the methodology. On her blog she provides a DIY for those of us who like to try these things out. However, at the ripe old age of 35, I’m finally learning that sometimes it’s ‘ok’ to take the shortcut and buy, instead of DIY. So I was pleasantly surprised to find her store, www.ahavenbrand.com where you can purchase cow manure tea bags, horse manure tea bags and alfalfa tea bags. So if picking up your own manure and composting it yourself doesn’t float your boat, have no fear, just visit the store!

#6 @twimommi is a #tweetheart who provides great info on blogging, family, food, health, home, gardening and more! What a wealth of knowledge!! I’m very impressed with the variety of recipes she shares on her blog http://blommi.com/. Many of the ingredients aren’t items I would necessary put together. With that said, using her descriptions and photos, she makes them come alive with tastiness. Whats more, a large portion of the dishes were created with nutrition in mind. With that, I’m sending you on a scavenger hunt…go find her recipe for Shrimp & Noodle Stir-fry. It looks divine!!!

#7 on #Tweethearts is @udderlove! If you follow me in social media then you know I’m a promoter and learnacator of farmers…especially dairymen and women! This dairy farmer uses the power of Twitter to help others learn about the day-to-day functions on a farm. From market reports to equipment break-downs to visiting with other dairymen and women, he’s the guy to follow! Congrats!

#8 is the wonderfully, fun @heidyPatiint! Secretly, I dream of being discovered as a cake & cupcake baker on Cupcake Wars. In reality, I need to stick to dreaming. When @HeidyPatiint, a cake & baking supplier, began to follow me, I had to do a look-see.  I had envisioned tweets that included cake decorating tips, banana cream filled cupcakes and pumpkin shaped masterpieces. Instead, I found an infinite selection of recipes, kitchen tips, baking, cooking, outdoor dining and more. Excellent resources for anyone who loves the kitchen…or who aspires to love it!

#9 is @WhyGreenPower! As an adolescent, the large wind turbines out west were absolutely fascinating. While many others were resistant to the wind farms which have been popping up around Illinois, I’ve welcomed the concept. As does this #Tweetheart. @WhyGreenPower provides information about alternative energy sources as well as thought-provoking quotes. I truly enjoy reading all of their Tweets and I’m so glad they found me! While visiting their website www.WhyGreenPower.org, you’ll find tips about choosing lightbulbs, education about energy-efficient vehicles, energy initiatives from other countries and my favorite, a real-life study of a home which has recently had a wind turbine and solar solution installed. VERY interesting stuff!

#10 Oh, my coffee beans! Do I ever love small, locally owned coffee shops! @Coffee_Beanery, #10 on this week’s #Tweethearts, is the home of a Franklin, TN, coffee beanery, coffee shop & restaurant franchise which is locally owned. Just like in the physical building, while visiting their Twitter profile, people can catch up on news, sports, home & garden articles, art, tech and more! A neat aspect of their business-online and off-is coffee donations for our troops. From what I understand, their large ‘coffee drive’ takes place around Veterans Day. However, they accept donations all-year-round. Thank you for reaching out to the men and women who serve for our freedom!

Thank you for joining us on this week’s Top Ten #Tweethearts!! Congratulations to everyone!

Please remember to follow each of our #Tweethearts and visit their blogs, if applicable! Tell them I sent you!


***None of the above mentioned products are items which were provided to me for reviews. The opinions are my own.***

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