Full-length #Tweethearts Features – Oct. 10 thru Oct. 16

  1. I was immediately curious to visit this bowhunter’s photoblog. Tweetheart #1 this week is @SoleAdventure & he has an excellent eye for photography. After taking a break following high school he has just recently picked up a camera but you wouldn’t have a clue. I love all of the pictures…except the spider. Sorry, spiders top my list of fears. In his photoblog profile he mentions a feeling of being stuck between the new & old approaches to photography. I couldn’t agree more…check it how to see what I mean! I then moved onto his personal blog where you can see a genuine appreciation for the outdoors. The blog is very inspiring & well written! A must-see for any outdoorsmen or woman.

Photo blog: http://lifebythelens.wordpress.com/

Personal blog: http://www.soleadventure.com


2. I’m a believer in complimenting medicine with alternatives. I also feel that true health begins in one’s mind & soul. Tweetheart #2, @RetreatandHeal, provides quotes on Twitter which focus on healing the whole body. On their blog you can learn much more about how they offer a safe place to heal your body, mind and spirit. Located in the beautiful Sedona, AZ, area, @RetreatandHeal offers personal healing sessions as well as couples and group retreats. So wish it wasn’t that far away!

Site: http://www.retreatandheal.com/

3. @SocMedSean is another fellow coffee addict! More importantly he is a social media know-it-all! Wow, his site has so much info I’m overwhelmed but can not wait to dive on in and start absorbing the information. Whether you are a seasoned blogger or a newbie, I’m confident that you will find at least five useful tips by visiting…probably much more!  Do yourself a favor and follow this guy! You’ll be a better blogger for doing so.

Blog/Site: http://www.socmedsean.com/

4. New follower @LocalFarmMom is #4 on #Tweethearts. She is relatively new to Twitter so let’s show her some Twitter love by adding some new followers to her list. As a farm mom she has been busy, successfully sharing her farm story. I especially enjoyed the post, “The Real story about where your food (or at least your chicken) may come from.” We’ve just recently hatched out nine new chicks who are two weeks old today. Although @LocalFarmMom ordered and picked up her newly born chicks, you can learn about the process and necessary preparations. Congrats Kristin!

Blog with post: http://mattandkristinreese.blogspot.com/2011/09/real-story-about-where-your-food-or-at.html

5. In the #5 slot of #Tweethearts we find @BackyardWisdom. Most gardeners have both a passion to garden and the talent. I have a desire to garden but fall short when it comes to talent. @BackyardWisdom has proven to be a friendly and extremely helpful resource. Even though they didn’t have the answer to one of my questions, they quickly stepped up and found someone who did. As experts from the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, you can be confident in their help! Very nice job!

Blog: https://sites.aces.edu/group/backyardwisdom/default.aspx

6. As fellow #agvocate our #6 Tweetheart, @sollmana is passionate about agriculture! I appreciate her dedication to providing another popular place where you can learn all about your food. For other #Agvocates who might be reading this please take a minute to read a recent post about The Food Dialogues. Her review of the event is ‘spot-on.’  I will admit that although I know better & it felt uncomfortable doing so, I went with the grain & used the word ‘consumer’ during the event. Please favorite or save her blog post as it is a great reminder of how we can all close the gap in misunderstandings about the food we all eat!

7. Need some inspiration today? Then, I insist you follow our #7 Tweetheart, @DebraA_Kaye. These quotes are a must-have to start your Monday mornings. You will also notice her compassion for Twitter etiquette. She always thanks fellow tweople for mentions & is a regular retweeter! Woohoot!! So, here’s a little challenge for you…thank three new followers today and thank all of the mentions you receive throughout the day. It just takes one person to get the ball rolling to a friendly, fun Twitterland.

8. This Tweetheart or Tweethearts crack me up! The owners of @4badmommies, our #8 Tweetheart, are from four different parts of the U.S. As writers on a mission they’ve joined forces to create a positive, safe environment for all moms to share their failures AND successes. If you need a smile today, I recommend following them on Twitter & see what they’ll say next…@4badmommies are kind of like a four-year-old.  You just never know what they’ll do or say next. :0) Thank you girls! I really enjoy reading and knowing I’m not the only one who feels like a failure!

Blog: http://4badmommies.com/

9. Our #9 Tweetheart, @lukekujacznski, is a crazy duck hunters who get up at 2am to hunt…crazier the better, right? From the looks for his tweets he seems to be on top of his ‘game’ (pun intended).  He enjoys hunting his love and appreciation for the outdoors is transparent. @lukekujacznski is also a stellar flyfisherman, family man & loyal to his dog…I think he might even do a little outdoor filming, too.

Site: http://www.firstlightgear.com/

10. Our final Tweetheart of the week is @SteveGoGreen and is a branding & social media guru. His tweets cover topics from being a Foodie to photography & videography. Very smart fellow! His firm, NetUpNow, has a unique selling point stating that they cover social media online and offline. Easy, common sense but oddly an overlooked concept. In my experience it seems that most continue to divide the industry by digital and print. However, social media truly extends offline. Outstanding job! I wonder if they had anything to do with Coleman’s most recent tagline for their tents… “The original social media networking site.” (hehe, love their play on the word ‘site’)

Blog: http://www.netupnow.com/

A huge CONGRATS to all of this week’s #Tweethearts! It’s fantabulous to see so many people spreading the Twitter love! Keep it rollin’ folks!

Side note: Thank you for your patience this week & allowing for an extended celebration for these great tweople! I think we are almost done with the stomach virus…four out of five Schweigert family members agree, its HORRIBLE!!

Have fantastic weekend!!

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