Another Gift Idea…For the Gourmet Chef

One of my favorite dishes growing up were my dad’s stuffed mushrooms. Unfortunately, there isn’t any record of his recipe but I fondly remember a juicy combination of cheese, bacon and sometimes sausage. Although I can’t enjoy those tasty mushroom caps, I’m lucky to have a hubby who is a mushroom lover.

In the spring, a great activity for the family is getting out and mushroom hunting or as we call it, hunting for mushies. Much different from your grocery store variety, these morales are a delicate treat. With a light, cracker breading they fry-up nicely. Since this is a once a year experience, we find delicious recipes which include the store-bought kind. We recently published a recipe for Dreamy Venison Stew over at the Pinkepost. One of the ingredients is mushrooms. And, lots of them. Another favorite ‘dish’ is a hamburger on top of onions, sliced potatoes and mushrooms! The taste of the mushrooms combined with the caramelized onions is delish!

As a popular ingredient used in several of our favorite dishes, having the opportunity to grow our own mushrooms in the kitchen would be so neat. Until the other day, I had no idea that it would be possible. It is very possible and you can even purchase kits to assist you with your very own mushroom garden. I’m thankful for being introduced to a great website called where you can purchase a kit for a very affordable price. In in 10 days or less, you’ll have home-grown mushrooms! Crazy! While browsing the site I also found a great selection of Raised beds and Compost Bins. Yes, the compost bin is still on my to-do list and will most likely be moved to a spring project at this point. There are so many other items on the site that caught my eye…decor, pest control products, pots for starting spring seeds, rose care items and tons more!

For sure, this will be a resource when I begin planning next year’s garden.

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