Christmas Gift Ideas

So ready or not, we have entered into the annual Retail Rodeo to see who can finish their Christmas shopping first. Although I’m usually well on my way at this point, I just haven’t had the patience or motivation to brave the stores. The other day I did begin browsing online. I visited a site,, who has entered the rodeo from across the pond.

They refer to our version of gift baskets & wine/cheese boxes as ‘hampers.’ I have a soft spot for baskets and unique containers. Immediately my eyes were drawn to a bath gift with a unique wooden oval bowl…filled with relaxing bubble bath, body wash and more! Super pampering gift for those like me who need a little relaxation! As I searched further, I was impressed with the assortment of items offered, the combinations and other packaging ideas.

While working out in the corporate world we would often receive the typical summer sausage & cheese boxes. A very nice gesture from various customers and suppliers. Besides making your tummy feel good, I always appreciated the goodwill and thankfulness when we received the gifts. Many of Serenata’s offerings include wine, which was a nice change of pace. I was actually thinking about returning to a corporate office…well, only for a minute! Many companies would send the gifts as a sign of goodwill and thankfulness.

The site offers International shipping (woohoo!) and several easy ways to provide payment. Being mindful of my Christmas budget I was a bit discouraged that the prices are only listed in Euros. But my Mac saved the day with a handy-dandy conversion app.

So, today, I’m thankful for Mac’s brilliant ideas and great gift basket ideas from Serena! Good luck during the retail rodeo!

What gift ideas have your run across?

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