Ever wondered how milk gets from the cow to your refrigerator?

I just sat down to eat breakfast…finally. I was beginning to wonder if I would pass out before reaching my bowl of high-fiber raisin bran with lots of good, wholesome milk. Have you ever sat down at the table and wondered what that milk goes through to reach your table?

This is a Maple Lawn jersey heifer, a different breed of dairy cows, who is from our farm. 

As I began to eating I opened up my email and began browsing. Right away an email from one of my favorite dairy moms, Brenda Hastings (aka The Dairy Mom), caught my eye & I wanted to share it with you.  Brenda & her family milk approximately 630 cows everyday, three times a day. The post is a perfect example of how, what, when & why the dairy foods your taste-buds enjoy is safe and high-quality! In their case, the milk is used to produce my favorite cheese….Swiss!

Speaking of Swiss you’ll have to read a post I wrote awhile back about the Laughin’ Cow’s Swiss Cheese snacks…I need to find the post.

Before you do that though, take a look at Brenda Hastings (aka”The Dairy Mom’s”) fantastic ‘tutorial,’ if you will, on bringing dairy foods from the cow to the table. 

Also check out their 5 minute farm tour on YouTube. And, the Hastings Dairy, LLC website.

Great job Brenda!! You are my hero!

Did you learn anything new from Brenda’s post? Tell us about it!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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