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We all have so much to be thankful for now and all year long. I’m thankful for having a healthy, loving family, a roof over my head and a refrigerator with nutritious food, just to name a few. All month long we’ve read about everyone’s thanks and I’ve enjoyed hearing how grateful the human spirit can be.

As I looked over my list of thankfulness on Thanksgiving Day, I noticed that something was missing. There’s a place most of us have the

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privlage of visiting nearly anytime we would like. Its a gateway for nutrition and provides employment for various people throughout our communities. You might call this place Schnuck’s, Jewel, the Farmer’s Market or even Walmart. Yes, it’s the grocery store.

While it provides food and other household necessities to all of us, it also provides jobs for cashiers, managers, sales representatives, farmers and many, more.  This also poses large challenges for the Agriculture industry as it works towards feeding an ever increasing population.

Starting today, make a new family tradition by giving #FoodThanks for all of these stores and they people who make it happen. Please recognize that the Agriculture industry (if you eat food, this includes you!) faces large challenges as it works towards feeding an ever increasing population. Above all, be sure that your children understand that their milk comes from a cow, not just the grocery store. 🙂 There are hundreds of farmers who have opened their barn doors and are waiting for you to visit both in person or virtually. Check out some of these great resources…Rural, Hastings Dairy (virtual tour), Pork 4, Chaffin Family Orchards, Canadian Virtual Tours (the egg tab is very interesting) and more. Just Google Agritourism and you’ll find much more.

Hope everyone had a gracious and blessed Thanksgiving!


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