#FoodThanks – What are you thankful for?

It seems that many bloggers are listing the items which they are most thankful for having. I’m no different. Today on what is probably the coldest, most windy, rainy day of the season, I am thankful for my in-laws who operate Maple Lawn Jersey Farm. They milk approximately 25 cows without the modern conveniences you see on most dairy farms. The cows are lined up in their own, comfy stanchions where a milker is then carried to the cow, attached, milked, detached and then carried by hand to the bulk tank.  Very labor intensive.

I plan to do an upcoming post showing the process step-by-step. Today, I’d just like to say ‘Thank you,’ for enduring the conditions that you do so that we can all enjoy high-quality, nutritious and delicious milk!

What are you thankful for? A Turkey purchased on sale for Thanksgiving? A warm house? The sun? Happy kiddos? Coffee?

Gobble, gobble!!

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