Pudder’s First Hunting Trip

When compared to his brothers, Pudder’s first hunting trip is way over due. Pickle went on his first trip at six months and Willis jumped into the camper at 3 1/2 WEEKS old. Mr. Pudder, the world’s largest mama’s boy, will soon be three-years-old.

Our little hunter in training, playing 'deer hunting.' If you ask him if he's hunting he replies by saying "Me not old enough yet." So precious!

I have mixed emotions. When we daddy asked if he wanted to go, his eyes nearly jumped out of the sockets. It was clear he wanted to go. It was terribly touching to see his expression. I wanted to throw him in the truck and take him then & there. He’s only listened to his brother’s talk about it for the last three years. However, it’s not just about going hunting. Its about staying in a child’s wildest treehouse dream.

As the boys (I’m now referring to my hubby & my pesky brother-in-law) have gotten older, we’ve frequently witnessed some clever hunting short-cuts such as The Schweigert Sky Lodge. Luxurious sounding, right? At approximately 15 feet in the air it features a deck with a breathtaking view which overlooks a creek, timber and the rolling hills of western Illinois. For added comfort and utilization of space a triple bunk bed was installed along with Pella windows equipped to open immediately upon sighting a prospective harvest.  The dream house come complete with plush carpeting; stylish, vinyl flooring and is MMRC compliant (Magic Mama’s Regulatory Commission) – Carbon monoxide/Fire alarm, fire extinquisher, first aid kit, and safety harness. Basically, you can wake up, roll-over & start hunting in the warmth and coziness of your bed.

Even with this convenience, the highlight for all boys is the funnel. Ah, the funnel. Accommodating boys, both big and small, the funnel is a very elaborate and complex method used for evacuating the processed water, soda, juice and other beverages which may come its way. In modern terms, its referred to as the urinal. Come on, what kid doesn’t want to pee into a funnel & then watch his pee make a 15 foot descent through a hose?

I haven’t heard the verdict on how Pudder is enjoying the funnel but it does sound like he has made himself at home in the treehouse – at least that’s what the deer said when they called to complain about the lack of respect for silence in the timber. In all seriousness, I am glad he is having fun. But. The fact that he attempted to scale the ladder on his own (before daddy intervined) makes me extremely, like breathing in and out of a bag, biting my nails, nervous. Combine that with an independent and fearless personality and I’m scared to all get out. And, the notion that he won’t be with his mama who he only co-sleeps with, spends all day & night with worries me. There aren’t many things I dislike more than hearing one of my boys crying for me over the phone.

With the pros and cons laid out, I’m planning on staying optimistic and will focus on having a wonderful weekend with Willis and some house guests. Oh, who am I kiddin’? I might as well start preparing for the anxiety attack. Heck, just medicate me now.

So now I want to know…Have you taken your kids hunting before? Was it a good experience? Or, were the deer texting with a list of noise ordinance violations?

Happy hunting!

**Disclosure: I would gladly post pics of The Schweigert Sky Lodge but I was required to sign a document stating I would not release photos or any other top secret info….geesh!**


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