Sleep Like a Baby

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When I was very young, my house was broken into. Luckily we think it was just a couple of neighborhood kids, and the worst thing they took was a video game system and some video games. Those are obviously easily replaceable. However, the incident spooked my mom a little bit. She called the next day and had an adt atl alarm installed. Ever since then, I can’t sleep well unless I have an alarm monitoring system and turn it on every night. There is something about having the added security of a company monitoring the safety of your home that lets you sleep like a baby. The system costs very little and is worth every penny to me, because if I don’t sleep well I am an absolute terror to be around. My husband learned this the hard way. When we were first married, he didn’t understand my insistence that we have an alarm, so we decided to turn it off as a trial run. It took him about a week to decide that he’d pay for the monitoring, regardless of the cost. I tried to warn him.


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