Small town life – where everybody knows your name.

A handful of characters I’ll always remember are the bunch from the television show Cheers TV show. I loved watching the love affair between Sam & Diane and then later Sam & ? and then later Sam & ? (I could go on and on but I won’t) and then finally, Sam and Rebecca. Then there was Coach, Woody, Frasier, Lillian and today’s big CARS Star, NORM!  Oh, and who could forget Carla?!

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Do you remember the theme song? ‘Where everybody knows your name.’ Such an iconic piece from the eighties & early nineties. Another iconic piece of history is our little town which could easily fit right in next to a TV town like Mayberry; where everybody knows your name. Our Mayor owns the hardware store, the Chief of Police has known my husband for most of his life, one of the bank tellers doubles as a waitress at the bar across the way and the local ice cream shop always gets slammed after summer baseball games. Another business in town has operated successfully for nearly 50 years with an ‘on-your-honor’ system. You can shop 24 hours a day. All you do is write down your name along with what we’ve taken/purchased in a notebook & they send you a bill. Our library is smaller than my kitchen, family room & dining room combined. There is no computer. I’m not even sure if there is a card-catalog. There is one-smart volunteer librarian though…who could probably out-smart any old computer. And, she always welcomes you by your first name when you arrive. I love our town because of things like this!

No, I don’t care for people being in my business. Yes, I know, I know. You are thinking “Umm, Jenny?  You publicly write about your life. What do you expect?” Correct ye are. You have to weigh the pro’s and con’s. The pro here is a comfort in knowing everyone knows your name. Besides, since I don’t get out much. I wouldn’t even know anyone’s talking so I’ll just pretend it never happens. 🙂

There is security when everybody knows your name. Most people know I have health problems. Most also know I have a son with nut-allergies. This is information that is necessary in an emergency & rather than having to dig around trying to find a necklace or bracelet or a list of allergies in someone’s belongings, they are already aware.

Another example? One night some kids pulled up to our little gas station and bought some alcohol. They seemed a little off for a couple of reasons. Anyone could tell you they were not from our town, just by looking at the car. Why? Because they parked it differently than the rest of us. Authorities were called. Turns out they were kids who had been involved in a high-speed race across the county earlier in that afternoon.

Oh, and my favorite, our little run in with an escaped convict from Missouri. Cops had stopped a teenager in his blue truck – the convict was driving a blue truck. When the cop realized it was not the convict, he asked if the teenager had seen any blue trucks. The boy then called his dad, who called someone else he knew looking for more info. With this new information he began calling family and friends. He called my neighbor’s husband who called his wife, who called me & told me to lock my doors. The convict was last spotted two miles away, following a 25 mile chase. In the meantime, State Police began going up & down our road, helicopters, etc… Did the local news know what was going on? Absolutely not. But I did. Had the convict happen to come to my home he would have had quite a surprise to find a well-educated, well-armed woman ready to spring on him. Would I have won? Maybe not. But I had a better chance than if I was ill-prepared.

Last night, during Operation Solicit Candy, I was pleasantly reminded of the song Where Everybody Knows Your Name. A lady asked who we were. I told her who we were and she said, “oh, yes, you live out in the country off of blank road, right?”

Do you live in a small town? Have you ever wanted to have the glamorous life in a small town? Tell me what you know.


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