Thanksgiving Traditions – Got Squirrel Pie?

In general, we spend Thanksgiving Day with family at my grandparents’ home. My grandfather is extremely traditional and thus our holidays are also traditional and predictable. We really should be listed in Webster’s as an example for traditional. Each Thanksgiving, we are served the exact same dishes year, after year and that’s the way most everyone likes it. The menu includes turkey with two choices of stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, broccoli cheese rice casserole, cranberry sauce, Taffy Apple salad, an olive tray and warm rolls. It took some persuasion but finally we were able to negotiate purchasing an out-of-the-oven turkey from their local grocer. A very, tasty decision.

For dessert it’s always my moms Pumpkin pie with whipped cream…lots of sweet, hand-whipped cream, oh, my!! Because the refrigerator is usually stuffed with the other dishes, the pies, covered in Saran wrap, are placed outside. This is how it’s been for years! Following our dinner we take a breather before the pie is served. The kids play and the adults watch football or sit around the dining room table looking through pictures. Eventually, the coffee is put on and the pie is served. Three years ago this traditional boat was upset.

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As my mother went for the pies she encountered a squirrel who had helped himself to a taste-test. She went hysterical and every type of disease or germ carried by a squirrel was rambled off and repeated. I was forbidden to eat pumpkin pie. 🙁  We couldn’t even eat any of the untouched pie. What? No whipped cream??

My comedian Uncle T couldn’t resist the urge to take advantage of the situation. By Christmas a pie had been delivered to my mom. It was a squirrel pie. My creative Aunt Muff, who rivals my Uncle’s sense of humor, took a pie pan and placed crumpled up tissue paper inside to mimic a pumpkin pie. On top of the pie sat a cute, stuffed squirrel. This was all wrapped nicely inside a store-bought pie box. A new tradition was born.

Have you ever had squirrel pie?

There have been other gifts traded here and there such as a squirrel salt & pepper set. Last Thanksgiving was the icing on the cake or whipped cream on the pie. Uncle T, Aunt Muff and their prodigy gals showed up with custom-made t-shirts, which say “Got Squirrel Pie?” Being squirrel hunters, my boys love the shirts! And, now we have a new family tradition!

So what kinds of traditions does your family observe? Anything quite as quirky as mine?

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