The next renovation at The Magic FarmHouse…Master Bedroom

It’s been a year since we finished our latest renovation in The Magic FarmHouse – the older boy’s bedroom. A common theme in most of our renovations has been eliminating carpeting and replacing with the best laminate flooring available, within our budget. We’ve done this for a couple of reasons. It has increased the home’s value while also encouraging a healthier environment for Willis, who has severe allergies and asthma. Laminate flooring is an inexpensive choice that also helps keep our home cleaner mostly because dirt on the floor stands out. I’m constantly sweeping. With carpeting a large portion of the dust, dirt and dog hair would go un-noticed and I wouldn’t be as motivated to sweep.

We've used this laminate in a couple of locations.

As for the master bedroom…We’ve had the plywood, drywall and insulation for quite a while. We just need a little kick in the butt to get a’moving. While I await the man-power to begin gutting the room including removing the carpet, I’ve been browsing for laminate floor and paint colors choices. The types of hard-flooring which have been used in the home differ. In the dining room you’ll find a rich, cherry hand-made floor textured to reflect the age of the home. You might even be fooled into thinking the floor was original and re-sanded then stained. It’s actually one of my favorite re-purposing projects in the home. The floor was made using boards taken from an old corn crib at the dairy farm. I love the look and the connection behind the materials.

When stepping into the home and the older boys’ bedroom you’ll find a mahogany, laminate which closely matches the oak stairs, stained mahogany. As you walk into the kitchen the floor is a unique square laminate which ties several of the room colors together. The mudroom has been tiled but could use an overhaul. That brings us to the upstairs bathroom which sports a 30 yr + old laminate that’s screaming to be replaced. Finally, the master bedroom.

Some ideas I came across include several up & coming looks in the best laminate flooring arena. Traditional looking laminate will definitely fit in with the age of the home. Others run along the dark cherry and mahogany lines, which is repeated throughout the home. Then there are those contemporary, fresh ideas out there, too. A great trend example is the use of bamboo. I was very surprised to see you can purchase this look in a laminate. It would be a new, edgy look for our bedroom. Then again, I’m drawn back to a comfortable, warm color palette of dark wood. Decisions, decisions.

What types of flooring do you prefer? Have you completed any recent renovations in your home?

This is an example of a bamboo laminate.

More of an outdoorsy look.


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