An unusual Christmas gift idea…The gift of summer

Unless you live in Australia, purchasing a swimming pool right before Christmas isn’t something we would normally consider doing. In my search for the perfect baseball pitching machine I’ve been running across some amazing deals on swimming pools. I’ve even found myself daydreaming back to when I was a child fish and spent a large portion of the summer swimming at a friend’s house. I’m instantly taken back to the smells of suntan lotion, the protective pool chemicals, Bryan Adams singing in the background “The summer of ’69” (love that song!) and the sensation of a warm summer breeze. Swimming was not to be completed without going to the little ice cream shack for a twist cone with candy eyes. I LOVED coming home into the air and curling up under the sheets for a nice nap.

I'd better include this cute picture with my plan. How can you deny this little guy a pool??

Boy, have I been getting myself sucked into those memories! Once I snap back in reality I realize how limited my boys are to pools during the summer. It’s always a drive to where ever we decide to go. On top of the driving, having to pack a lunch, it’s so expensive to get into the pools. Most of the towns who do have pools charge a ridiculous amount of money for non-residents. Our town does have an indoor pool but its main purpose is for rehabilitation and sports training. Not a recreational pool. Plus, who wants to go swim indoors during the summer?

With much of my research complete, I’m working on a strategic plan which will convince my hubby that we NEED our own pool. A budget proposal has been created and I’ve written down everything that is needed right down to the pool accessories. It would be a fantastic family Christmas present that I’m sure we’ll enjoy for a long, long time.

Wish me luck going in to negotiations! Now, what should I wear?

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