Another great Christmas gift for my outdoorsy moms!!

Sippy cups leaking, cow poop, hay, dirt, cracker crumbs, oh, an even a glass of milk. What do these all have in common? These are a brief list of things which end up in the back seat of our full crew-cab truck. It’s the only vehicle we have that will transport all of as our other truck is not an extended cab. As you can imagine it gets a lot of use…farming, car pooling, hunting, baseball games. You name it and it’s probably been there.

One saving grace for the carpet is rear floor mats….ahahah (pretend an angel is shining down from the clouds above singing). I recently received some awesome MossyOak/Camo floor mats from my favorite camo store called non-other than The Camo Shop. I like my truck to be clean but we outdoorsy people like to ride in camo style. The old floor mats were nothing to write home about and were often falling out when the kids would enter and exit the vehicle. A bit embarrassing when dropping the kids off at school.


Now this speaks style to me.

These babies are soooo sweet! The material used on the bottom keeps them from sliding around which increases the chance of a boot covered in a cow’s business hitting the mat rather than the carpet. That I like! Another unexpected benefit is the raised rubber which outlines the camo. When its Clean Car Friday,” and I’m doing my vacuuming the dirt would often fall off before the old mat was out of the truck. The rubber bumper keeps everything on the mat rather than sliding off.

They also match my rockin’ steering wheel camo cover! Woohoo! I’m soooo cool, right?! If you are looking for the perfect gifts for the outdoorsman or woman in your life check out The Camo Shop’s website. Really, it should be a perquisite for the guys to visit and pick something out for your special lady!

Oh and if you have kids you’ve got to check out their kids clothing line…my favorite sweatshirt is worn by my middle son ALL of the time. It says “Master of Disaster” Couldn’t be more true! Cute stuff! And, I just noticed that they have several new products…I’m on my way to add to my wish list!

Love that they offer a wish list button on the site…front floor mats are on my list!! I wonder if my hubby has checked it out yet? I have been a good girl this year…really! I have!

*In return for this post I have received the floor mats however, all of the opinions are of my own. This really is a great store!
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