Caught our #Elf Jack partying it up over at Fred’s of Mommy of a Monster and Twins!!

It was unfortunate but with all of the misbehaving elves, I had to set an example. Jack, our creepy-cute little Elf of the Shelf, keeps disappearing. Like any compassionate elf owner, I just thought he was out for a ride or getting some fresh air. Following three crazy boys is tough work…watching fight after fight, food throwing contests at supper, picking their noses, dirty clothes everywhere, giving your brother a toilet twirls. The list goes on and on…I’m sure working as an elf can be stressful. So when I thought he went “out” I didn’t think much of it.

A couple of days ago, I noticed there were candy canes missing. The most likely offenders were the boys. Namely the youngest, Pudder, who was caught eating the doors and windows off of the gingerbread house earlier this week. While going over the evidence something just didn’t fit. The candy canes were up in the top section of our pantry. Even with a chair and his long monkey toes, I questioned Pudder’s ability to stack multiple chairs while also being steady enough to open the latch. At the time, the other two boys were at school. The investigation was at a standstill.

Notice the lack of window and diminishing door?!

Fast forward to this morning. I was drinking my coffee and chatting with Ali over at My Suitcase Full of Tricks…{SIDE NOTE: She’s entered into the #Antler Lady’s holiday antler contest. Ali cracks me up and has “WTF Wednesdays” that continue to make me laugh week after week…no matter how bad things might be. Go take a look at the Antler Lady’s contest and check out Ali’s submission!} So I’m tweeting away when I notice a tweet from @NatalieHoage from Mommy of a Monster and Twins. Her elf, Fred, was a naughty, little boy. He held this huge party…a mean, a wild, crazy Elfing bash. Head over to her blog to see the pictures…Couch pillows thrown everywhere, toys launched across to room, her tree skirt was a wreck and MY candy canes!!!!

I’m so embarrassed. I can’t believe he fell off the wagon…again.

Action had to be taken and it was decided that I would confront him once the kids were in bed. Jack had different plans. We had been invited to attend a friend’s Christmas party but the kids started fighting and my hubby turned the truck around once we were half way there. We walked through the door to find this…

Jack and his 'guests' were partying it up and singing along to Toby Keith's Red Solo Cup song.

The radio was BLARING…Bob the Builder and Shotgun Santa were having a #redsolocup wheelbarrow race. The rest of my candy canes were everywhere. Jack’s red solo cup was spilled over. Fred was MIA. As was the Barbie which was sitting under the tree waiting to be wrapped. Over to the right, it appeared that Dinosaur David obliged himself to Fred’s red solo cup. Then Donny the deer had some poor guy strapped to the front of his truck. Denny, Donny’s twin brother, was sitting back sucking on a candy cane with a broken foot. How did that happen?

Good thing I stopped this party when I did.

Even Angelina the Angel flew down from the top of the tree to partake! She has some explaining to do…do you see that Sharpie marker in her hand! Moving over to the left, Ranger Rick looks to be dancing with his candy cane. Poor guy. I think he and Barbie had a thing going. Wonder if he lost Barbie to Fred. Fred, Fred, Fred! I expected more from you!

Well, Jack was quickly sent to his naughty seat. All I have to say is all of the rest of you naughty elves, let this serve as a warning…get yourelfves sobered up, throw out the candy canes, point those ears back up north and GET BACK TO WORK! Or, else…you might get a timeout in my hot seat!


I know what it looks like. It was an accident, I promise! I would never abuse an Elf.

Anyone else caught their elves red-panted? Remember to report any unauthorized elfing activity immediately…just leave out the part about the hot seat.

Natalie…I hope Fred made it home safe and sound. I’ll check your blog tomorrow for an update. 😉 Oh, and would you mind sending Barbie back over? She’s a gift for my niece. Schanks!

Can’t end this post without a picture of Mr. Solo Cup himself!

Mr. Keith...Proceed to party!


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