Give the gift of remembrance and hope this Christmas

One of my greatest fears in life is losing my husband or children. I can not fathom what this must be like for a mother. Especially at this time of the year. In the last seven years, I’ve been honored to assist a dear friend as she helps others grieve. Having experienced the loss of a daughter, she understands the range of emotions a parent faces.

Following the death of their first daughter, Grace, God gave Alice a strong desire to use her drawings to glorify Him and to encourage, inspire, challenge and motivate other mothers in the awesome and divinely ordained role of motherhood. God is also using some of her drawings to encourage and challenge fathers as they touch and train their children for eternity.  Her goal for you (the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, etc.) is to get a glimpse through her drawings of the eternal impact you can have on the precious child that God has given you. There is also comfort and encouragement for those mothers, fathers and grandparents who are dealing with the loss of a child whether through stillbirth, death after birth, miscarriage, or abortion. (Read her entire story by clicking here.)

Along with these trying times, Alice also provides artwork which helps us celebrate the happy moments in life such as weddings, graduations, baptisms and even housewarming engagements. Some of these pieces include The Door a popular wedding gift which may be personalized with the couple’s wedding date, Baby Shoes, A Mary Christmas cards, ‘Keep Your Chin-Up’ (available as a boy or girl) and ‘Hands.’

She is currently hosting a 12 Days of Christmas Sale. Below you’ll see ‘The Door’ and some other great Christmas ideas:

Have you or someone you know lost a child? Give the gift of remembrance with Alice’s ‘Safe In the Arms of Jesus’ ornaments. These beautiful pewter ornaments may be personalized on the back with the child’s name. I am always deeply touched when I read the testimonials Alice receives from recipients. Alice’s prayer is simply that God would use the drawings ‘Safe in the Arms of Jesus’ to enable you to find comfort and grace through visualization of Jesus holding your child. While I can not fully understand grieving the loss of a child and pray I never will, I have seen the hurt in others eyes. The hope that these ornaments create is indescribable.

Whether you desire to create hope this Christmas season or give warmth and smiles abound, I suggest checking out Alice’s website,

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