Looking for a Camo Christmas ladies?

As a work-at-home mom, I tend to go through periods of wearing mis-matched lounge pants and sweatshirts. Not real attractive…especially when we have an egg customer stop by out of the blue. I can think of only one ‘pajama set’ that has been worn to pieces. But NOW I have a new, matching full-set. And, they are attractively showing off my love for camo!! Especially, Mossy Oak camo!

The Camo Shop was very kind to send a pair for me to test drive and I smitten with the set. This particular set is made by Wilderness Dreams…you might remember seeing some commercials on the outdoor channel. The Camo Shop offers a nice line of products even including some more ris-kay pieces that just wouldn’t be good on this camo gal. You’d never come back to my blog. The pj’s are made from 100% Polyester and are smooth as silk and cozy. Now, I can sport my new pj set without being embarrassed or running for Mt. Washmore! Don’t be discouraged because these are short sleeved. This is quickly rememdied with a flannel shirt or a Cuddi underneath.

So ladies, here is what you need to do…

Step 1: Visit The Camo Shop and create a wish list. Click on My Wish list, located in the upper portion of the site and create a list of goodies!

Step 2: Using a large piece of poster board or construction paper write….’My Wish List’ Lingerie included (IF you only have young children who are not yet able to read) Lingerie will catch there attention. Then write The Camo Shop and underneath write http://wwwthecamoshop.com (every digit for the computer challenged individuals). Just mentioning camo will probably grab their eyes as well.

Step 3: Wait. wait. wait. The hard part for computer challenged men…also provide the user name and password. For our seasoned men, this will be easy-peasy!

Step 4: Ater receiving your pajama set, grab a hot cup full of coffee, a hunting magazine and curl up in your favorite location. Relax and enjoy!

What a great Camo Christmas item!! Huh?!

*I was compensated for this blog post. All opinions are true and my own.

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