Renovation brainstorming continues…

I mentioned a week or two about renovating our bedroom. As I continued the search for ideas, I ran across this absolutely, amazing place. I haven’t allowed myself to jump onto Pinterest yet but from what I understand this newly found utopia is quite similar from an interior design perspective.

The site is and it allows you to create an online idea book where you can store room layouts and more. They’ve organized the site so that you may browse by style as well as by space. My mind is just swirling with ideas it actually hurts!

Almost a year ago we purchased a new bedroom comforter set in camouflage {gasp-don’t fall over from the shock!} and have always wanted an outdoor feel with dark, neutral colors. We both prefer the room to be black when we sleep. The curtains we purchased are a solid, dark olive color which match the comforter. They are especially attractive because they keep 99% of light out and are insulated to regulate the room temperature.

When I found, I naturally began looking for ideas to match the comforter and window coverings. What I did not expect is to find are designs which include our outdoorsy style, such as deer head mounts on the walls and re-purposed barn siding. It’s just so amazing the variety of styles and preferences they are able to cover.

Whether you are renovating or just need a creative boost, I encourage you to visit the site!

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