Renovation Plans Continue for The Magic Farmhouse’s Master bedroom

Assignment: Plan for Master bedroom renovation

Progress: I’ve picked the wall colors…I think. LOL! I’m leaning towards a dark brown and khaki. Painting more than one wall in the dark brown might be a little much. If I have my way, that’s what will happen.

For the floor: I’m dreaming of a deep mahogany wood laminate. We have a cedar chest which was my husband’s grandmother’s as well as an antique dresser my mom bought and refinished. Both would match the floor…or, maybe I should go with something that contrasts the furniture?! You can see my planning is in tip-top shape.

We've used this laminate in a couple of locations.

Rugs: I did find that I’m absolutely in love with these sheepskin rugs from We will be leveling the floor out providing an opportunity for insulating. Even so, the floor will still be cool during the winter. Can you imagine stepping out of bed and onto one of these rugs in the morning? Heaven. (BTW…While I was on their site I had to do a little snooping and now have my eye on their sheepskin seat covers.) Depending on how we layout the room, the two-piece or four-piece sheepskin rug would fit nicely in our room. The rugs are made from Merino

Window coverings: I’m fond of our dark brown curtain which keep “99% of all sunlight out.” I might argue about the 99% number, however, they do keep it nice and dark. The brown will compliment the brown on the wall. I’m planning on asking my hubby to make curtain pull-backs by “re-purposing” deer antlers…or, if he refuses, I’ll see if I can locate a yard of MossyOak camo and make fabric tie-backs.

Lighting: Something we haven’t yet discussed. While I kidnap my hubby to create antler pull-backs for the curtains, I might make him create a lamp out of “re-purposed” deer antlers.

In a nutshell or shotgun shell, this is my current plan of attack for the Master bedroom. I’m going for an outdoorsy but classy look. Am I headed in the right direction?

I’m starting to get antsy about gutting the room. With this unseasonable warm weather we are experiencing this might turn into a winter renovation rather than a spring project.

Stay tuned…over and out, good buddy…

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