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I just wanted to write a quick post wishing you all a Merry Christmas (belated-but shouldn’t we celebrate the real reason for the season ALL the time??) and Happy New Year!

I’ve been taking a little time off from blogging so I can re-group around The Magic FarmHouse. If only I could find a magical “That Was Easy” button for cleaning, organizing, doing laundry, dishes, etc… While I waited for that button to appear things really caught up with me. Thankfully, being able to take a few days off has paid off. And, special thanks to my mom who came and helped get caught up on laundry yesterday…ok, well, its not caught up but she did put a nice dent into Mt. Washmore.

Before I sign off I must say that going through every single one of our toys, puzzles, games, kids stuff has been very liberating. It took almost three days to complete. But after putting together more puzzles that I care to remember, now I truly have grounds for giving the boys’ things away. Before nothing was a complete set…lots of missing puzzle pieces, legos everywhere, etc… Now that everything is organized I can honestly say, “If you do not take care of ______, I will give it to a little boy who will appreciate it.” Threatening to throw items away isn’t something I care to do. It’s wasteful. And, when there are children out there who have virtually nothing trashing an item just sets a poor example.

So if you have some extra time, consider bagging all of your kiddos things up in garbage bags (black bags are preferred so they can’t see what’s in them) and slowly, steadily start going through everything. Use The Flylady’s method of sorting in three piles…Keep, Throw away, Give away. If you would prefer to make a garage sale pile grab a large tub, fill ‘er up, label and pack away in your attic, garage or basement. Then make a commitment to use spring break as a time to prepare the items for an upcoming garage sale.

My favorite pile is the ‘Give away’…it helps spread some cheer! Nowadays it is NOT taboo to pass on your items as gifts, either. Sometimes, those gifts count more than going out to buy something, just to spend money.

Have a great day! Smile or laugh at someone today…it’ll spread some cheer, too!

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