A Seasonal Challenge

I can’t believe its been two years ago but when Willis was four we were partaking in an interesting conversation about the seasons. In a nutshell, I listed off spring, summer, fall and winter. He was quite upset that I had forgotten the upcoming deer season. It was then revealed to us that he had shared with his teacher that there was also a combine season.

The words ‘deer and season’ can be heard in our home any time of the year. Its a huge part of our lives. Understandably, a four, five or

Aftermath of 2011 Ground Hog Day Blizzard

even six year old would correlate ‘deer season’ with the other seasons…right? At six years old, he continues to combine all of the seasons together.

Unfortunately, his teacher doesn’t feel he understands the concept of ‘the seasons.’ I recognize the traditional seasons are spring, summer, fall and winter. Is he wrong by reading off five seasons when asked? Its a tough situation. Some things are black and white while others are as multi-colored as the leaves of fall. In an attempt to segregate the climate seasons with the food gathering seasons, we took a trip to our little library and checked out every single season book there. We spent this weekend reading through these books and I THINK he’s got it down.

This all does reminds me of a similar situation a friend experienced – her kids attend a different school than mine. Her daughter’s teacher gave a minus on her report card for the inappropriate use of colors. Apparently, she colored the sky pink instead of blue. The teacher stood by her decision and said the sky is not pink, refusing to change the minus (unsatisfactory) to an S (satisfactory).

My friend then scheduled a meeting with the teacher. The teacher was asked to describe a sunset and told that from the south side of town sunsets do appear pink. Case closed? Nope, the teacher continued to argue with her.

If any of the teachers from our school are reading, thank you for being able to see all of the colors and being fantastic educators! I truly appreciate each and every one of you!

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