Hello, 2012! Let’s Laugh More, Love More and LIVE MORE!

I’ve never been one for resolutions. We resolve to change something because of a date. When, in reality, we have the opportunity to reshape our lives at any moment during the year. Yet we make these commitments to lose 10 lbs., be more organized, play with my kids more, get out more, stay in more, watch less tv, stay caught up on laundry, etc… The lists go on and on.

This year I’m recharging, regrouping and focusing on the same goals I’ve had for the last two years…

Laugh More, Love More, and LIVE MORE!!

Life is short and when it comes to an end would you rather be saying “I wish I would have loved more, laughed more and just lived more?” Or, will you rejoice and be thankful for taking the time to stop and smell the roses?

Happy New Year! And, welcome to my life 2012!

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